Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Inherence From Multiple Business Context

Individuals need to discover and develop their inherent talent, and organizations have to strengthen their inherent strength.

Modern Organization’s are complex with a set of inherent attributes and embedded rules. Whether it's "organic" or whether there should be a corporate function of organizational design, all depends on the nature of business, the culture of the organization, its life cycle and extent of rapid change in the ecosystem. 

In fact, nowadays, the dynamic digital organizations have to be solid enough to keep business spinning and fluid enough to keep things flowing and make proactive changes within the expanded digital ecosystem.

A problem has an inherent, irreducible complexity; any attempt to simplify further than that will fail and any complexity added to it is harmful: Enterprises are inherently and intensely complex, diverse, and ambiguous with unpredictable outcomes. Running a purposeful business is fundamentally an iterative problem-solving continuum. A problem has an inherent and irreducible complexity, there are unknown interactions and very high inner dynamics in it. In the corporate scope, there are varieties of complexity such as hierarchy complexity, information complexity, network complexity, governance complexity, etc. It’s important to diagnose the root causes of complexity, analyze what the impact of complexity is on a system, and manage it effectively.

Imagine complexity that comes in due to the very characteristics such as volatility, unpredictability, ambiguity, nonlinearity, or increased flux, etc. Technically, the complexity of aggregate layers of every internal system is a burden that often causes conflicts, complexity management is all about eliminating unnecessary complexity and enforcing desired complexity. Everything else follows that. Methodologically, the first is to try to analyze what the impact of complexity is on a system; the second is to look for the impact of removing some of the complexities by simplification, and building a road map for managing complexities in a structural way.

We all have inherent abilities to be creative for problem-solving: Creativity is about thinking beyond conventional wisdom, or the “Out of Box” thinking which results in an action that tests a possible solution. There is no template which we can apply and suddenly become creative. As the ability to think and produce, creativity requires a certain degree of independence and mental balance. Creativity is, by nature, unique to each individual because we each have different cognitive styles, perception, personality, knowledge or life experiences. It takes cognitive practices to build up creative competency for solving problems innovatively.

When in the grip of the creative urge, there is no thought of self, no ego. Creative problem-solving doesn’t lack logic, in fact, there is inherent logic behind innovation. Creativity evolves different dimensions of thinking and the multitude of thought processes such as association, perspective shifting, divergent thinking, etc, to seed new concepts or turn the spark into an useful idea to solve problems in alternative ways. The multidimensional thinking, enriched knowledge and experience, and multidisciplinary perspectives, etc, are all critical to innovative problem solving.

Inherent values of digital organization promote openness, transparency, trust, collaboration, respect, creativity, people-centricity, etc
: Value is inherent and tricky though because it's subjective in the eye of the beholder. The value of contemporary business is multilateral (employee value, customer value, supplier value, channel partner value, alliance partner value, managerial value, brand value, and societal value, etc.) as their stakeholders are diversified. So the value-based management needs to be driven by concepts like multidimensional collaborative value or collective advantage with multi-layer ROIs.

It’s important to understand inherent organizational value, the value chain of business, and value chain of the business ecosystem where it competes deeply. To perceive and preserve "business value," you need to have a very clear idea of the life cycle of "products/services," the overall "value proposition" as well as your business/price model. The whole value chain needs to be seamlessly aligned and engaged by sharing the value so customers and stakeholders - from suppliers, to factories, employees, shareholders, get their fair share, and ensure organizations become sustainable and "future proof."

Individuals need to discover and develop their inherent talent, and organizations have to strengthen their inherent strength. The high performance organization is highly conscious about what's happening in their environment. How successful the organization can handle complexity, solve problems innovatively, and generate multifaceted business value depends on how fast and capable they can process information and adapt to changes with incremental consciousness as well as how proactively they can possibly apply themselves in the dynamic business world to drive changes. Learn to stay alerted, observe with subtlety and respond fast, grasp opportunities and prevent risks effectively.


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