Saturday, February 13, 2021


Effectiveness of talent management helps to build professionalism and competence of the business by finding, renewing and protecting the right of talent, and building a creative environment to drive transformative changes.

Digital workforce is multi-generational, multicultural, and multi-devicing and the digital workplace is diverse and dynamic today. Business professionalism is critical for today’s digital workforce based on simple logic: Unprofessionalism leads to poor judgment and then drives ineffective decisions which will cause the business fragile and stagnate.

Attitude: The simplest definition of 'attitude' would be one's "Settled Mode of Thinking'': It is basically ''how you react to any situation that comes up?'' Attitude manifests itself through one's behaviour. Collective behavior in the business setting shapes the corporate culture and decides business effectiveness. Skilled and knowledgeable people have an attitude of taking things in a positive way and choose their actions with enthusiasm, taking moderate risk with realistic optimism.

If we are in the attitude of pessimism and helplessness, we do need to change for improving professionalism and living better. Having a positive attitude makes us feel better, improve productivity, and cultivate creativity. It would be the attitude towards humanity, which would need to be relevant. People with a positive change attitude continuously seek new challenges, solicit direct feedback, unleash their potential. They are self-driven, able to accomplish their work resourcefully, keep updating their skill sets progressively and build the dynamic digital competency continually.

Competency: Competency is more related to knowledge and skill for particular work. It is related to the business performance and the outcome. There are cognitive competency, knowledge competency, or skill competency, etc. Cognition is the mental process of acquiring knowledge through thoughts, experiences, and senses. Cognitive competency refers to a growth mindset, critical thinking logic, or creativity, etc. The integrity and suitability of the competency is tested through traits such as mental agility, attitude, passion, entrepreneurship, leadership, maturity and wisdom. etc.

Assess competencies and use the profiles to identify where the gaps in performance lie. There exists a stereotype about the skills set an individual is perceived to possess. But in reality, there can be more or even less than expected. Cognitive competency can be built via cultivating a healthy thinking habit, knowledge/skill competency can be built via improving learning agility. People Management of the business is about building talent competency by finding, renewing, and protecting the right of talent, streamlining positive energy flow, and ultimately shaping a competitive digital organization.

Consistency means what you think and what you do are coherent. Consistency means perhaps you can do a lot of different things in your career or life, but keep consistent of having intellectual curiosity, a growth mindset, a learning attitude; a set of effective decision-making skill, and cohesive capabilities; or you can stick to one thing, but doing it very well, shows consistent progress.

It means digital professionals with consistency are consistent in the habit of learning and problem-solving. Not only do they keep consistent on themselves; but also they look for consistency in their teams, in their organization as well as in their ecosystem, as consistency harmonizes humanities. So they can make better balance, capture the substance of digital professionalism and trace the root at the heart of business change dynamics.

Learning agility: Everyone has an enormous capacity to learn, it’s strategic to build a learning organization in which people can learn and grow. Knowledge workforce today needs to be multidimensional thinkers and effective self-learners, taking initiatives to absorb new knowledge and update their skillset. They apply their learning to perform better and make continuous improvement. It’s important to create a business context in which people are encouraged to learn, empowered, and respected to create the business synergy.

Technically, learning agility depends on how fast you can learn as well as how skillfully you could apply knowledge learned to understand and solve the real-world problems as well as improve the individual’s professional skills and qualifications. You need to not only assimilate existing knowledge, but also have to keep updating knowledge, create new knowledge and become the knowledge value creator for making good decisions and solving problems large or small.

Innovativeness: Being innovative is a state of the mind, Innovators are at their very heart visionaries. They see the old problems from every direction and find different solutions. Innovation comes with a foresight to envision a need that others overlook or ignore and a willingness to forge ahead to satisfy visions, in spite of a risk of failure. They have determination, dedication, motivation, passion and resilience to do things differently. It takes courage to step out of the comfort zone and step into uncertainty and discover the path perhaps nobody ever takes before or creating new ideas others think are nonsense.

To the innovator, failure is just another opportunity for success. Innovators whose work continues to move forward, think more differently than those who are traditional thinkers. Innovators holding strong belief have endurance, passion, and perseverance that keep them motivated despite obstacles, with single-mindedness to stay focused and resilience to fail forward. Thus, it is important to hold a strong belief, believe in self, in change, in direction, in innovation, and in the desired outcomes.

Autonomy: In many digital organizations with a traditional business setting, the overall employee engagement is very low, businesses still treat their people as cost, headcount, or human resource only. They encourage compliance, not performance. People fear to step out of the comfort zone and get stuck in going nowhere. In an ideal digital workforce, autonomy is the theme, empowerment is the mantra for developing a digital ready workforce. Self-evaluation and self management helps individuals in taking the ownership, responsibility and keeps focused.

In practice, empowerment is very much a two-way street. To gain empowerment, teams or individuals need to earn the level of trust. It ensures the alignment and cascading of organizational goals to individual goals. Self-management taps the inner and outer resources of strength, and to get yourself doing things with discipline, practices to achieve the ultimate goals. Collaboratively, self-organizing is about empowerment and trust. You know the team will deliver the best outcome and give them the freedom to do it on their way.

A digital professional can be ripened to the maturity through the combination of authenticity, capability, quality, potentiality, and resilience. Effectiveness of talent management helps to build professionalism and competence of the business by finding, renewing and protecting the right of talent, and building a creative environment to drive transformative changes.


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