Thursday, August 26, 2021


Effective scorecards are by nature, consciously and purposefully constructed.

A scorecard assesses the progress to strategic goals, provides the management a holistic view about the progress of business transformation by considering the impact on finances, customers, internal processes and employee satisfaction, Scoreboard is a strategic decision support system, and change steering instrument.

Scorecard provides a “balanced” view of tradeoff variables: A balanced scorecard is very useful to facilitate discussions and ensure decision-makers understand the various trade-offs and make the overall strategic balance. The characteristics of the balanced scorecard and its derivatives are the presentation of a mixture of financial and non-financial measures to evaluate value within a single concise report. It offers a way for a corporate management to gain a wider perspective on its strategic decisions by providing a balanced view of tradeoff variables.

Business management is both art and science. The scorecard contains a good mix of the outcome measure of long-term strategic value along with performance drivers to track the operational progress in the short term. The management needs to maintain the commitment if they really want to see their scorecard work well by considering, among other things, the overall strategic balance, dependencies, and constraints between components and overall risk exposure. The scorecard allows you to focus on the most critical issues, and put all things in context.

A balanced scorecard is very useful for facilitating discussions and setting priority. The management needs to validate the following - did you achieve the cost/benefits, were your scorecards accurate and did you achieve the expected contribution to strategy? A balanced scorecard with associated metrics drives appropriately weighted priorities and behaviors. A balanced scorecard is necessary to practice holistic performance management in a structural way, allowing the most effective initiatives to be planned for achieving corporate goals. It helps greatly with prioritization, allowing you to focus on the most important things and tailor the needs of varying business stakeholders.

Scorecards fail because they were designed in isolation, not taking into account corporate strategy, not identifying key stakeholders. A well-defined scoreboard helps to facilitate the strategic communications within the business executives, to highlight changes with standardization, coherence, and visualization of business improvement initiatives. At the executive level, it is a matter of leadership guidance to make sound judgments and steer the organization in the right direction.

The well-designed scoreboard as a steering instrument should motivate changes and innovative actions: The balanced scorecard enables the management to accurately judge the coming curves and obstacles to drive changes proactively. To unlock business performance, there's one crucial clarification in executive leadership: Are you intending to evaluate the capacity/potential to change or innovate. The key variable in actively using a Balanced Scorecard is always the attitude and culture of the organizations, the leadership traits of executives and decision makers.

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it, change is no exception. The balanced change scoreboard helps to keep track of process and capture the insight, evaluate the state-of-the-art change models to manage business transformation with tangible discipline, and design the change process to execute via metrics and standards. Through a well-designed Executive Scoreboard, business leaders can capture both quantitative hard numbers about cost savings and qualitative perspective of management health.

Effective scorecards are by nature, consciously and purposefully constructed. In building one, you develop a logical structure that helps everyone know what should be measured, what belongs on the scorecard and what does not belong. Scorecard will be determined by the components of the scorecard and how meaningful those components are to the successful implementation of the change. It’s a great tool to communicate, facilitate and evaluate.


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