Tuesday, August 24, 2021


Insight is one's experience and exploration process, and introspection.

Insight is being able to identify the root cause of a problem or the core issues of a situation which leads to understanding and resolution, or the ability to know people deeply. With today’s digital new normal - velocity, complexity, uncertainty, and ambiguity, being insightful of either problem you intend to solve or the people you try to get to know have become an important quality for digital leaders and professionals.

Profound understanding: Being insightful is the ability to see through things, either from the broader lens or deeper perspective. Pre-conceptual assumptions or cognitive biases are often due to a lack of deeper understanding or logical reasoning. With abundant information today, in-depth understanding requires a person's ability to grasp or comprehend information and keep updating their knowledge.

The most important capability of the cognitive mind is the willingness and ability to seek out, acknowledge, and address our ignorance and the assumptions we make to minimize it. How deep your understanding is based on the mindset, logic, lenses, philosophy, methodology you leverage to interpret things. Being insightful is both the capability and the attitude, it implies that you need to keep learning, become more informative, and refine your knowledge into precious insight to understand things profoundly.

Context intelligence: Context aids us in understanding what’s relevant and what’s not, and helps us make more logical “assumptions,” discover interconnectivity and interdependence, and gain the insight of the decision you need to make or the problem you intend to solve. 'Seeing' the context you are 'part' of, allows us to identify the leverage points of the system and then choose the decisive factors, in the attempt to achieve the set purpose.

To gain collective insight, it’s important to harness the different experiences, perspectives, and ideas of people, look at the wider aspect around any problem, and dig deeper to understand the effect of imposing boundaries within that space in order to solve problems radically. In the business setting, context intelligence is about understanding the whole meaning of functional dialects and business cultures in order to improve communication effectiveness and management fluency.

Being insightful is also the ability to scrutinize yourself - learn yourself deeply in order to become the better version of yourself. So being introspective is a critical trait of becoming an insightful leader or professional. Introspection is the ability to look at yourself. Awareness is the light that makes this process easy and smooth.

Introspection is nothing but "self analysis." Introspection helps to cut through the mind-control-layers inside your head, listening with the heart, and bypassing subconscious limitations sure helps! As one practices introspection, one can analyze what are the negative thoughts that stunt our evolution and take remedial measures. If you do introspection regularly and try to check on negative mindset, attitude, behavior, and then in due course, the negative thoughts start reducing and a time will come when they will almost eliminate.

Being insightful is a state of mind for continuous learning, observing, reasoning, and evaluating. Insight takes both creativity and reasoning, intuition and logic, the power of acute observation and deduction, questioning, connection, penetration, discernment, and perception.


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