Wednesday, August 11, 2021


Long-lasting brightness brought through innovativeness needs to be charged with vision, knowledge, intelligence, and wisdom.

Being innovative is simply about being different - think different, see things differently and figure out the different way to do things. It is about taking alternative ways to solve old or emergent problems creatively, to brighten your environment with long-lasting effects.

Being innovative is a state of mind: Being innovative is the state of mind to bring new perspectives, spark fresh ideas and transform inward focus creativity into outward driven innovation. It requires internal motivation and self-awareness; it's very personal, and it also takes continuous practice to make progress intellectually and psychologically. There are many indicators to assess the intrinsic capacity of individuals such as interdisciplinary skills and knowledge, plasticity (fast learning), openness to experience, tolerance of ambiguity, cognitive ability and styles, intellectual engagement. When you learn to create an inner space of calmness in the storming mind of thoughts, emotions, sensations, and imagination, you shape an innovative mind to keep ideas flowing continually.

Being innovative is about breaking conventional thinking and seeing things differently: Innovators have the tendency to constantly question the status quo. they are skeptical of, but open with outside opinions. Creative people define & create their own convention that they live by in comparison to everyone else who just accepts or inherits their convention to live by. They see things from different angles and connect unusual dots to come up with fresh perspectives and great ideas. Collectively, the heterogeneous team with cognitive differences is more innovative than the homogeneous group setting, and how innovative the team is depends on the creative capacity of its members.

Being innovative is about creative problem-solving: Being innovative is about overcoming the “we always do things like that” mentality and figuring out different ways to do things. In fact, being innovative is all about disrupting outdated thinking and old ways to do things, such as silo, dysfunction, complication, rigidity, etc. Innovators need to rise above the status quo and take on a new set of activities that have them involved in creative problem-solving. It requires thinking beyond, altering or changing the frame of reference to create previously unconsidered solutions. To frame the right problem and solve it innovatively, you need to step back, or get out of the box, being critical and creative at the same time. Look at the problem from a different angle or understand the issues via multi-disciplinary lenses, embrace broad perspectives, collect relevant information, and connect wider dots, in order to think about alternative solutions.

Being innovative is not only a state of mind, but also an ability to identify patterns or make unusual connections, with capacity to adapt, emotional intelligence and a risk-taking attitude. The long-lasting brightness brought through innovativeness needs to be charged with vision, knowledge, intelligence, and wisdom.


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