Sunday, August 22, 2021


The life we live choreographed by grace. That grace has an aesthetic quality and appreciation theme.

The word grace is overloaded with a wide variety of use cases such as approval or favor, mercy, temporary exemption or reprieve, charming or attractive, sense of propriety or right, quality or state of being considerate. 

What is grace truly about from interactions, interrelationship, interconnectivity perspective, and how gracefully humans act would add further grace to the system. From our heart does gracefulness flow? From our mind, is gracefulness based on intelligence or balance?

Grace is a product when things come together effortlessly in a smooth, awe-inspiring way: We live in a hyper-connected and always on world full of opportunities and risks. To thrive, people need to generate and share a natural affinity for new perspectives, fresh ideas, and collective insight, and keep information, knowledge, ideas flow effortlessly. When you are inspired to think positively and creatively, you act gracefully and create unique themes in your surroundings.

The digital era upon us is the age of innovation. Ideas are seeds of creativity that can change a certain situation and future. There is more flow of creative ideas, the more is happening, the innovation pie gets bigger. People become more passionate about their work, more purposeful to make accomplishments, and act more gracefully to shape a modern organization or a society.

Graceful resolution is the one that achieves such a purpose in a very simple, elegant way and moving to a higher dimension: We know an elegant solution when we see it. We have all seen tough problems solved elegantly, while at the same time admitting that depending on our perspective, it may have been very complex for someone to implement. Graceful solutions or resolutions imply simplicity, elegance, coherence. It might even be the colors of grace-to everything in balance, effortlessly at all levels.

The context for grace is the appreciated environment-that includes all those relationships we cannot influence or control. The things we can do are to keep consolidation, simplification, and harmonization. Ensuring we pay equal attention to what we can understand, influence and appreciate. Seamless alignment and integration will help to determine the appropriate dynamic aspects and enable the architect to simplify the elements appropriately.

Grace enhances integrity, beauty and regenerative capacity of the living community it touches: Seek beauty in everything, look for simplicity beyond complexity. Communicate vision, goals, and concepts smoothly to enhance integrity, trust, and accountability. Optimize processes to reduce tensions, frictions, and conflicts that arise, make all things get together gracefully to reimagine the workforce or a living community.

It is about aligning with the natural flow within a system. Listen to what's needed and respond to what can be perceived as effortlessness. The probability of getting that reaction can be enhanced by information fluidity, structural flexibility, and strategic resilience. Grace becomes the theme if we handle issues properly or we will be recognized, positioned, or taken care of by our organizations, communities empathetically.

The life we live choreographed by grace. That grace has an aesthetic quality and appreciation theme. We appreciate all good, beauty, and harmonized things at an influential level. The digital landscape is maintained relatively effortlessly, with grace, response-ability, appreciation, and diversity, in order to create an aesthetically pleasing.


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