Friday, August 20, 2021


Intrapreneurs require a lot more future vision as well as a strategic mindset, “can do” spirit and innovative activities and practices.

Intrapreneurship is about creating new ventures from within an established company. To awaken innovation in the well-established organization, business leaders and professionals should think as an intrapreneur and act as a startup manager, initiate intrapreneurship practices to rejuvenate business models, renew fresh energy, and enforce unique business competency.

Intrapreneurs are change agents: The heart of intrapreneurship is about changes. Intrapreneur/ entrepreneurs think out of the box, break the rules if necessary to drive transformative changes. They show the ownership mentality and present accountability. Intrapreneur is not a title, but the game-changing mindsets and the well-tuned skill sets, to do the change and be part of change, especially transformative changes.

Good intrapreneur-leaders with ownership mentality can strike the right balance between increasing productivity and encouraging innovation; between creativity and standardization; between risk management and risk tolerance; between the next practices and the best practices, between stability and change.

Intrapreneurs are innovators: Healthy intrapreneurship activities help to engage employees, motivate people to solve problems in alternative ways. Intrapreneurs are the owners or stewards of idea management of their organization. They take the “entrepreneurs’ spirit to turn the status quo upside down for dealing with uncertainty, break through organizational bureaucracy, idea bottleneck, linear knowledge box, connect the dots across functional, organizational, industrial, or geographical boundaries to spark innovation.

Open-minded intrapreneurs are innovators, have bold visions, articulate the big “whys,” and the strategic rationale behind the venture, deploy new ideas, new processes, new adventures to renew business energy. They should ponder all sorts of critical issues, bringing optimism to approach breakthrough innovation. and practice intrapreneurship in a consistent way to achieve high performance.

Intrapreneurs are resilient risk-takers: Many intrapreneurs/entrepreneurs taste risk as bitter experience, and show resilience to recover. It takes courage to be an entrepreneur/intrapreneur because it's not an easy job to face and manage risk, uncertainty, ambiguity, and overcome barriers every day.

Intrapreneur-leaders may have balanced viewpoints to perceive success and failure more objectively. They are systematic and good at calculating risks. Such mental toughness will help businesses become more resilient, and nurture the culture of risk-tolerance, capture opportunity, roll it out and measure performance results accordingly.

Intrapreneurship is a good practice to catalyze innovation and unlock business potential. It requires a lot more future vision as well as a strategic mindset, “can do” spirit and innovative activities and practices.


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