Sunday, August 29, 2021


Intention is our heart’s desire; vision is our mind’s blueprint. Our intention to change is to make a better future; evaluating the past can certainly lead us to a good insight towards the future.

Purpose implies intention. Intention is one’s inner drive to achieve, coming with inspiring the mind and winning with purpose attitudes. The good intention is our heart's desire for making things better and getting things done.

The intention is to be courageous enough to do or become something: Intention is to discover who we are, where we are going to be, whatever the state of awareness we arrive at, there is always a deeper state: it’s important to be creative to take a unique path and figure out alternative ways to achieve more. Strong intention with purpose is a process of becoming our true authentic self in all that we are today.

So rather than looking for examples of others out there, look within ourselves and ask: Am I the person/leader I wish to see in the world? Persuasion with good intention should help innovative problem-solving. Strong intention with great purpose, plus dedicated attitude and professional aptitude allow us to become self driven, self-disciplined and self -actualization.

The intention of great leadership is to make a positive influence without affecting anyone in any negative way: The intention of becoming a leader is to facilitate and encourage, as change is often an uncomfortable, yet necessary part of reaching and sustaining success. The intention of a good leader is to inspire a leadership culture at all levels within the organization and our society; to ensure effectiveness and achievement of final results,

The intention of leadership is reflected in vision, action, modeling, enabling, supporting, humble correction and guidance in furtherance of the goal. The intention of leadership is to drive progressive changes. What makes leaders successful is what they do after they fail at something at their early stage of the career. What gives them the chance to do something else? The point is always to learn from the failure and fail forward.

The intention to accept and receive feedback is to make continuous improvement: Providing and accepting feedback becomes part of the scenario of professional growth. The intention to give feedback needs to demonstrate candor, quality, informativeness, truth, etc. As a feedback giver, you should take the responsibility of the words you say, and in a positive business atmosphere, those negative intentions or misjudgments need to be discouraged or even penalized in order to build a healthy working environment.

Accept feedback that is truthful and accurate, constructive with good intention. Those who give negative feedback on correctly assessing your flaws, should receive your gratitude and respect. However, those who give negative feedback based on ignorance, misinformation, misjudgment, or even rumors, envy or revenge, earn scorn and contempt.

Intention is our heart’s desire; vision is our mind’s blueprint. Our intention to change is to make a better future; evaluating the past can certainly lead us to a good insight towards the future. So both follow heart and evolve mind to live a meaningful life and drive a progressive career journey.


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