Saturday, August 7, 2021


Capabilities are usually more integral, built via the combination of talent, learning, skills, experience, resource, etc.

A professional is an individual who strives to represent skills to perform certain activities and develop capability to make professional movement. 

Capability is the ability to achieve the desired effect under specified performance standards and conditions through combinations of ways and means to perform a set of activities for achieving certain goals.

Capability is something in the building: Skills can be trained to a certain degree to do assigned work; but high-capability is usually built on talent via self-assessment, self-development, and self-discipline. Talent is a gift. Talent represents what an individual has a natural gift to accomplish or perform an innate ability to do well. They feel comfortable doing it no matter how long or times they want to do it to the fullest. The effort and training can help to integrate their talent, skills (or multiple skills), resources, into a set of professional capabilities.

Capability developed based on natural talent via a series of activities and resources make people feel more confident and effortless:
One of the simplest ways to describe talent is that it's a natural gift that you have. It was once said, it's impossible for you to wear out your gifts because the more you use them, the stronger they become. When a person has a special talent for something and he/she is actually interested in it and matched with the right position/job fit, he/she will outperform others in that role. When the organization matches a person's talent with organizational needs, and they continue to sharpen their talent-based skills and develop their professional capabilities, it’s a win-win situation for both talented people and their corporation.

Identify, develop, integrate, and optimize a set of coherent capabilities into core competency: Talent is a natural quality in people. Skills can be trained to a certain degree even though you might not have high talent in some domains. But when you intend to build high mature capabilities, talent-based skills can be more easily sharpened or scale up for reaching the ultimate goals. Capabilities are usually more integral, built via the combination of talent, learning, skills, experience, resource, etc. To achieve capability coherence, discover your talent, investing in the best of breed capability and integrate them into cohesive and unique professional competency.

Capability is synthetic in nature. To keep capability relevant and adequate, it’s important to identify talent, set up priorities, divest non-core capabilities, and free up time and resources to deepen core capabilities to build high professionalism, achieve high performance, and unleash potential.


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