Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Cognitive Fit

People are different, not because we look different, but because we think differently.

As civilization evolves, we have more information and greater opportunity to explore who we are and how to fit the purpose and make influences. Professional fitness is based on both how we think and what we do, and should be first defined as cognitive fit. 

The right mindset is of utmost quality for being a right fit because the power of the mind is the force to change the business or even the world for better, and then following with attitude fit and behavior fit.

The quality of our life is given via the quality of the thinking we have done: Thinking, in general, is about discovery for either understanding things or creating new things. The thought does not precede the thinker, the thinker precedes the thought. The right mind with multidimensional intelligence is the utmost quality for being the right fit because the power of the mind is the constructive and creative force to drive progressive changes.

The truth is that each of us is a 'complex blend of contrasts - positive and negative; intuitive and logical' with imperfect judgment. But people with cognitive fit can keep learning agile, proactively search for fresh knowledge, deep insight, bridge cognitive differences, and possess the right mind with knowledge, skills, abilities, and behaviors necessary to make better decisions and solve problems effectively.

The positive mentality is a crucial element for deciding the quality of thinking and keeping a cognitive fitting mindset: We get innumerable thoughts every moment, they pass consciously or unconsciously. We act based on these mixed flavors of thoughts. It would be difficult to be conscious all the time to keep choosing thoughts, but it’s the very thoughts that decide who we are. Positive thinking leads to good attitude and behaviors. Where we want to look for fit is in relation to the cognitive intelligence to speed up human progress. Fundamentally, positive thinking is the driving factor to lead progress either individually or collectively.

Usually, our minds are conditioned based on our own belief systems, education, and past experiences, etc. Choosing thoughts consciously would be arduous. The mindsets with a positive perspective are more open to others’ viewpoints, challenge conventional wisdom, and outdated beliefs, as we push the parameters of the norms of life. We are what we think about. The variety of thought makes the world diversified, innovative and sophisticated.

Creativity is a cognitive fitting ability to think out of the box and generate novel ideas: Creative thinking often imposes a higher cognitive load as we think “harder” and consciously uses different kinds of thought actions and thinking tools like association, perspective shifting, opposites etc. It takes practice, and practice more to build creative muscle and creative force drives transformative changes and improves human society.

Creativity is not lack of knowledge, but having interdisciplinary knowledge to connect cross-boundary dots for generating fresh ideas and discovering design patterns. Rapid absorption by the senses or high-speed thinking followed by slower deliberate thinking is proving to be highly effective at generating actionable insights and creativity. A cognitive fitting mind needs to sort out all great thoughts into innovative solutions to make life better for our species.

People are different, not because we look different, but because we think differently. People with cognitive fit are strategists, change agents, innovators, customer champions, having a desire to learn, grow and make progress with scalability. Deep thinking occurs when we look for internal understanding in order to find a way to contribute something of value, something greater than ourselves, something unique to make impact on our surrounding and global societies. Cognitive fit helps us unfold the future and lifts up humanity logically.


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