Thursday, August 19, 2021


Real societal advancement is made through the work of future-driven planning, updating knowledge, and progressive thinking & activities.

Advancement is about vision, progress, improvement, fresh knowledge, intelligence, modernization while the opposite of advancement is primitivity, outdated concept/tradition, conventionalism, or stagnation. 

Either individually or collectively, we need to take the advancing journey of learning, growth, and innovating.

The advancement starts with mindset
: We are what we think. The advancement starts with a growth mindset leading to progressive actions. The advanced mind presents sound judgment based on profound understanding and timeless wisdom. People with advanced thinking skills are forward-thinking, upwards, open-minded, and demonstrate multidimensional thought processes to fuel upward change and innovation.

There is purpose behind advancement; there’re goals which need to be achieved through advancing thinking and actions. Because the visionary mind has the ability to think about the past, perceive what is now and foresee the future in pursuit of advancement. The most advanced mind with great vision is the one which relates itself to a purpose greater than itself, contributes to the common good and the collective human progress.

The higher you can climb the intellectual hierarchy, the more advanced you will become: From information to knowledge to insight to wisdom, the advanced journey of learning never ends. It gets to the inflection point when we not only absorb knowledge, but also criticize old knowledge, co-create new knowledge, capture insight, and share a fresh perspective. The ultimate aim of knowledge is wisdom. Climbing the intellectual hierarchy is not for enhancing another type of status quo, but to become wiser and more mature human beings.

Believe it or not, people want to grow, develop and learn, in fact, they want to change even though they don't realize it. They try to take advanced movements and make progress even though they are struggling with daily busyness or boredom. To identify a person’s potential, look for strong evidence of a desire to learn and to grow. When people are in the state of openness, innovativeness, when life is shifting from surviving to striving and thriving, people are becoming more progressive, life is in the most advanced stage to handle opportunities and risks smoothly.

The more unique and advanced capabilities you can build, the more upward career paths you are able to take: The advanced capabilities are integral, synthesizing, and recombinant, and they enable you to gain more enriched life experience and take wilder adventures without getting lost. Professional skill development is something that depends on the individual's wish as well as the talent and capacity they have to build an advanced set of capabilities. The more advanced professional capabilities you can build, the higher accomplishment you possibly can make.

Talented professionals should keep sharpening multiple coherent capabilities and combine them in different fashions to yield multiple competencies. With a clear vision and strong leadership, the collective advancement of people decides how far the organization can move forward and how fast the society can make progress and advance to the next stage. The advancement can become more reachable when we appreciate each other’s strength, complement each other’s capability; and understand each other empathetically.

Real societal advancement is made through the work of future-driven planning, updating knowledge, and progressive activities. When the world is catching up with the most advanced mindsets, stepping into the further-looking perspective, aligned with a positive attitude and high aptitude, fitting into the change dynamic, and integrating into upward movements, it makes a leap of collective human progress.


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