Thursday, August 12, 2021


Educators need to be creative enough to encourage and reward creative thinking and problem-solving.

The purpose of education is to instill the art of learning, adapt in a changing world, and drive progression. The quality education should meet the need for people to think of future needs, to think outside the box, to focus on mind crafting, rather than knowledge instilling only.

Education provides a broader window to see the world with a knowledge lenses: Education shouldn't become a constraint to limit one's imagination, but needs to promote creative thinking. Quality education today, hence, should open, not close one’s mind, inspire more minds to learn, help receivers recognize opportunities, give them the ability to pursue opportunities.

Education is the means to the end, it should never become a status quo: Education can teach you some methodologies or mechanisms to help you think, but only individuals themselves can integrate the variety of thought processes and figure out how to capture insight and think critically, independently, and profoundly. Through quality education and learning, people have in themselves all that is needed to become fulfilled individuals; they are not in competition with their peers, but rather with themselves, in becoming their best versions.

Education should promote all positive perspectives of humanity:
Such as wonders of the unknown, freedom to imagine, confidence to create, discipline to commit, skills to innovate, judgment in action, selflessness to share, compassion to care, empathy to understand, and a great balance of self-esteem and humility. The emergence of social platforms and online learning tools provide the new way to learn, share and collaborate, and the hybrid solution of formal and informal learning makes self-directed learning a reality and imperative to unlock innate human creativity,

Educators need to be creative enough to encourage and reward creative thinking and problem-solving. The future of learning will require us to break away from the current one-size-fits-all mold and move to more customized learning.


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