Thursday, August 12, 2021


Riding the learning curve to sustain change is an important perspective for making the change as a new normal.

If character decides who we are, learning decides who we could be. Learning becomes a knowledge builder and we can define learning through the information it absorbs, the insight being captured, and the capability it builds.

 Learning is a continuous process and everyone has an enormous capacity to learn and it’s important to understand the learning curve. To learn constantly so we continually improve.

Curve awareness: Curve awareness, contemplation, strength finding & building practices, and the measurement are the logical steps in reaching potential waves and making a seamless digital paradigm shift. Having learning curve awareness means to understand your capacity to learn, the complexity level of knowledge; in the organizational level, how the corporate learning agility/capabilities are underpinned by processes, people, and technology, and how much learning/change capability is really required for the change effort you are kicking off. The root of the matter is a person's ability to learn quickly and adapt prior knowledge to new experiences fluently.

Ride the learning curve: The real problem seems to be understanding the learning curve and how it relates to change. The curve is applicable to everyone, even those who planned and conceived the vision. The shift from the reactive learning mentality to proactive learning attitude enables us to look forward, improves learning intelligence. It is about how to ride the learning curve to get into actions in creative, positive, and productive ways that educate, support and celebrate every critical step of the change curve.

Do not underestimate the learning curve, and do not get overwhelmed by the intensity of learning: Learning curve is deep in the “VUCA” new normal. Today's digital leaders or professionals must have a humble attitude to admit known unknown and unknown unknown, develop critical thinking skills, use common sense, and train rational thinking skills, to keep learning, seek multidisciplinary knowledge, and have courage to challenge conventional wisdom, and explore the better ways to solve problems effectively.

Riding the learning curve to sustain change is an important perspective for making the change as a new normal. Collectively, business leaders should be aware of learning curves or learning inertia, make an objective assessment of their organization’s learning agility and take a proactive approach to build the collective learning competency.


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