Saturday, April 8, 2023


It’s important to figure out how to shape a harmonized vision about business competency and build a hybrid organization to enforce open communication, cross-functional collaboration and run a hybrid digital organization.

The rate of change has accelerated, the most effective workplace is the hybrid environment with energy flow and all sorts of diversity. 

It is critical to apply hybrid management disciplines to break through the industrial constraints and limitations, harmonize communication, and cross-functional collaboration, strike the right balance of reaping quick wins and focusing on the long-term strategic goals, to accelerate business performance coherently.

Hybrid nature of organization well mixes the virtual social platform with the physical functional structure to enforce business holism: It’s a networked, extended modern working environment, from business process to organizational structure, centralized, decentralized, and hybrid models can all work given the proper planning and management focus to improve business flexibility and antifragility. Emerging digital computing information technology enables a more seamless virtual platform, enhances the people-centric processes and hybrid organization structure, empower workforce sharing ideas, engage customers and partners to voice the concerns and provide feedback.

You cannot make a paradigm shift without an in-depth understanding of the business interconnectivity and embracing the multitude of digital hybridity. A hybrid organization encourages broader conversation and interaction within its business ecosystem, bringing greater awareness of the intricacies and the systemic value of organizational systems, business processes, people dynamics, to increase agility and enforce business holism.

Investigating different paths for exploring hybrid business models and unlocking business potential: Business Modeling is structural and can be both created and changed very quickly. Look at the business model as the “what” the business is all about or what it will do for generating business values. The challenging part of the real business model is that one must be careful of what cost optimization, restructuring, performance measures that need to be considered while trying to model a particular business growth scenario.

It’s important to create a space for open dialogue and design brainstorming. Organizational leaders need to apply design thinking to develop an optimal system suited to explore new business models, enhance a common understanding of business model reinvention effort, develop a list of potential business model options, and implement the best ones based on the business core competencies, creating the necessity and motivation for it, getting the management buy-in.

It is hard to think of any innovation as not a hybrid, a combination of something old with something new or a number of new things: Due to the fact that innovating in today’s digital world has become increasingly challenging in nature. Often, organizations can no longer rely on a single individual or team to drive innovation. It’s important to set guidelines and manage a hybrid innovation portfolio for optimizing resources. There are multidimensional management disciplines, multi-layer business relationships, and multigenerational and multicultural workforces. Diversity nurtures innovation and inspires a culture of learning.

Although all innovations are disruptive to something or some behavior to some degree, the more hybrid, the more familiar things are combined, the less likely is any disruption. Hybrid nature of innovation is a combination of something old with something new, with a mixed portfolio of incremental innovations and radical innovation. Innovators with ‘hybrid’ (cross-disciplinary) knowledge are adept at seeing ways to transfer knowledge from one field to solve a problem in another. Incremental innovation is what is used after the radical innovation to "touch" things up; it is much more predictable, often the result of optimization efforts on the product or process.

It’s important to figure out how to shape a harmonized vision about business competency and build a hybrid organization to enforce open communication, cross-functional collaboration and run a hybrid digital organization. Insightful businesses are highly conscious about what’s happening in their environment, take a holistic understanding of relationships between parts and the whole, strike the right balance of personalization & standardization for pursuing the “hybrid truth,” and improve overall organizational maturity.


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