Tuesday, August 11, 2020

“Brain” Quotes of “Digital Master” Aug. 2020

The brain is an apparatus, a tool for collective sensation and awareness. 

"Digital Master” is the series of guidebooks (28+ books) to perceive the multi-faceted impact digital is making to the businesses and society, help forward-thinking organizations navigate through the journey in a systematic way, and avoid “rogue digital.” 

It perceives the emergent trends of digital leadership, advises on how to run a digital organization to unleash its full potential and improve agility, maturity, and provide insight about Change Management. It also instructs the digital workforce on how to shape a game-changing digital mindset and build the right set of digital capabilities to compete for the future. Here is a set of “Brain” quotes in “Digital Master."

 1 We could make things clearer if we say that brains perform a variety of actions, and one of those actions we call “thinking.” 

 2 The brain is the hardware and the mind is the software with totality in action, so the brain with the mind is the hardware plus software. 

 3 Although the mind is inseparable from the brain; when the apparatus (brain) ceases to work, so too does the collective sensation, much like what happens when you turn off an electronic device. 

 4 The consciousness is a feature of brain processes; the conscious processes are identical to brain processes; and perhaps that nonconscious processes are identical to brain processes as well. 

 5 Brain states transform. There are particular kinds of brain states and processes: non-conscious brain states, possible subconscious brain states, and conscious brain states. 

 6 It might be more accurate to say that brain processes are identical to mental processes. A brain that does not process, is not functional or alive, cannot necessarily allow for mental events to occur. 

 7 Each brain projects something similar, but perspective, experience, sensitivity vary from individual to individual. 

 8 The brain is an apparatus, a tool for collective sensation and awareness. 

 9 The world is projected by the brain through the collection of sensations and ideas that we are sensitive to and intrigued by.


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