Saturday, August 29, 2020

Vision vs. Insight

Vision inspires us to move forward; insight drives us to dig deeper.

Vision zooms into the future-
as if -
it were closer;
insight penetrates to-
gain an in-depth understanding of-
what's going on underneath.

Vision leads us to-
explore the future with-
expanded horizon.

Insight encourages us-
to ponder the deep meaning of the things,
they are the guide lights brighten the journey of our life.

Without vision, the trip is like -
spinning the wheel,
going nowhere;

Without insight, the tree is like-
without root,
cannot grow strong.

Vision inspires us to-
move forward;
insight drives us to -
dig deeper;
vision encourages us to-
look forward;
Insight inspires us to-
dive deeper.
Vision makes us feel-
passionate about -
what is going to happen -
Insight keeps us -
calm about the potential risks.

Vision is great work via-
both mind and heart orchestration.
Insight is an excellent job via-
the left brain and right brain
connection and collaboration.

The very essence of leadership is to-
point out the destination via vision;
craft a good strategy via insight,
to lead change with-
confidence and effectiveness.

Vision and insight help us-
understand the world further and deeper. 


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