Monday, August 3, 2020

“Lesson Learned” is the Precious Thing

Past is behind us-many ignore it, some repeat it, but the wise learn from it 

Every journey is with accumulated steps,

Every life is full of cascaded experiences-

some delightful,

some sad-

there is an emotion cycle across it,

and there is always a lesson we can learn.

We could learn from our own past, others, and history:

Every step we take-

shape who we are.

Every lesson learned inspires us to-

become who we could be.

Past is behind us-

Many ignore it,

some repeat it

But the wise learn from it -

not through rear view only,

but through mental eyes,

develop unique perception,

and gain self-consciousness…

If life is a book we are reading-

“Lesson Learned” is the highlight we made-

in the previous pages we finished.

If life is a journey-

“Lesson Learned” is the step stone-

leading to the next destination.


what you learn from the past-

that could be-

what you did right,

or what you did wrong,

provide great resources to-

help you improve;

learn what not to do for-

avoiding pitfalls to failures,

and increase your opportunities for-

future success.

Past, today, and future-

some things from the past are circular and -

keep coming back in.

We cannot predict anything beforehand-

but we can imagine with many experiences involved

in current or in the past.

The wise has learning agility -

have a solid grasp on what has been tried before,

re-introducing the past in a new way

and build the bridge to connect lesson-learned-

with future performance.

Learning is the key to move forward-

address any future potential challenges with-

more confidence

If we do not accept our choices and mistakes in the past

learn from errors /mistakes/shortcomings,

we can never really move forward.

Without lesson learned-
past was fading away,
today is flat,
and the future will be-
darkening, even breaking down.

“Lesson Learned” is the Precious Thing from the Past!


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