Saturday, August 1, 2020

Every System is a Construct of Mind

Systems Thinking is dynamic - see interrelationships rather than isolated things. 

The digital world today is natural and fluid, with -
lots of velocities, inter-dependencies and uncertainties.

Every system is a construct of mind;

System Thinking is the structure of thoughts stream, and-
the riverbed-
not to restrict,
but to frame the mind flow.

Systems Thinker is the master to-
reimagine the future and -
drive digital paradigm shift.

Systems Thinking is fresh-

observe things via different angles and

zoom out to see the vivid picture;

make more logical “assumptions”

or better “forecast,”

look for something “hidden,”

offer an accurate understanding of

system of the system -

the ever-evolving ecosystem.

Systems Thinking is dynamic -

see interrelationships rather than isolated things,

develop the frame to-

discover and understand patterns;

capture patterns of change rather than static snapshots.

explore dynamic “VUCA” reality-

with fresh insight, and

balanced views.

Systems Thinking is inspiring-

connect the dots to wire up creativity,

manage ideas out of chaos;

create the shell to -

encourage collaboration,

enforce ides flow,

engender fresh viewpoints and

explore new frontiers and the art of possibilities.

Systems Thinking is big picture driven-

appreciate interconnectivity and interdependence,

know correlation doesn't necessarily mean causation,

define problems with accuracy,

provide methodologies to problem-framing,

bring logic, balance, and flexibility to-

creative problem-solving,

and generate property of constituencies seamlessly.

Systems Thinking is “self consciousness”-

see the context you are 'part” of,

allow you to identify the leverage points of the system,

discover the role you are playing,

and understand others with empathy.

Success in the digital world demands Systems thinking.


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