Friday, August 28, 2020

Understanding is an “Amazing Thing”


Understanding is based on knowledge,

but deeper than knowledge.

Two seemingly opposite words -

"Under and Stand,"

articulate the multifaceted meaning of



True understanding is-

a “magic thing”;

it can transform -

tears to laughing;

hatred to love;

false to truth;

darkness to brightness;

raining day to sunshine;

Black & white to

the full spectrum of color;

understanding is a phenomenon.

Like drinking-

a cup of hot coffee or tea,

in the winter evening,

understanding warms up-

our heart;

Like the hot wire or silver-lining,

mutual understanding

connects mind to mind.

Understanding is-

an amazing thing.

True understanding is-

a tough journey;

you have to -

climb to the mountain top,

to capture “big picture”;

dive into the deep sea,

to touch invisible;

understanding is-

a challenging thing.

People take the easy path,

think and work -

at a superficial level

rather than spend the time to-

understand -

what is going on


Lack of true understanding is-

lack of depth of life.

Understanding is a deep thing.

The insight of situation requires-

in-depth understanding.

Assumptions and prejudices are-

due to a lack of-

deeper understanding.

Examine to make sure-

you are open to-

true understanding,

without getting lost-

in interpretation.

From sympathy to empathy,

understanding is -

a logical thing.

Misunderstanding is-

the big cause of -

human problems.

Lack of understanding

leads to-

“fixing symptoms,

not the root cause” syndrome.

Cognitive mind is-

the willingness to -

seek out knowledge,

gain -

an in-depth understanding;


ignorance and assumptions-

to minimize it.

Understanding is a cognitive thing.

How deep your understanding is-

based on logic,


paradoxical wisdom-

you leverage to convey.

Understanding is-

a hard thing.

Knowledge and understanding lead us to-

divine, beauty, truth;

understanding of the process of living.

An understandable mind is

a step closer to innovation,

two inches deeper to wisdom.

Understanding is an amazing thing.


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