Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Intelligence is a “Cognitive Thing”

Intelligence is based on information-but superior to information.

Intelligence is perception,



Intelligence is nothing but-

a person's ability to solve problems.

The bigger problem you solve-

the more intelligent you are.

Intelligence is brainpower-

the more you consume,

the more you have.

Intelligence is search light-

the more you take,

the brighter it becomes-

illuminate the way forward;

without it, you fall into the darkness.

Intelligence is a puzzle-

everyone tries to decode it;

The smarter you are,

The more you get obsessed with it.

Intelligence is contextual understanding-

your perceptual ability to-

understand the world-

things, people, relationships.

Intelligence is based on information-

but superior to information,

use it wisely.

Intelligence is a cognitive ability to-

recognize patterns;

deriving value for the betterment of humankind is-


Intelligence brings us multidimensional sightseeing-

hindsight, insight, foresight;

intelligence depends on-

what you accomplish with the brainpower-

make sound judgments or decisions.

Intelligence is goal-driven to generate value-
by translating into step-wise actions;
by solving thorny problems;
by achieving high performance...

Every complexity has intelligence in it-
only intelligent beings can-
shape an intelligent world.

Intelligence is a “cognitive thing.”



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