Friday, August 21, 2020

Insight is a “Deep Thing”

Insight is the perception of -

the inner nature of things;

the act or result of understanding.

Insight is the vision-

through the mind's eyes of

seeing things intuitively.

Insight is the light-

guide us through mental darkness.

Insight is the spring water-

digging out of knowledge land.

Insight is-

thinking into the box

after thinking out of the box.

Insight is a “Deep Thing.”

Insight is a sudden understanding of-

a complex problem-

cause and effect,

in a specific context;

uncover the core issues of-

a situation;

identification of -

relationships and behaviors,

within a model, context, or scenario;

leading to-

resolution effortlessly.

Insight is a “Deep Thing.”

Insight is a mixed bag of-

creativity and reasoning,

intuition and logic;

power of -

acute observation and deduction,

questioning, connection,

penetration, discernment.

Collective insight is superior.

Insight is a “Deep Thing.”


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