Sunday, June 26, 2022


Organizational leaders need to connect the dots across the various management disciplines and glue up all crucial ingredients to accelerate strategic change.

Complexity, uncertainty, disruptive changes, and interdependence are the new normal facing business today. We are on the advancing journey when we move from an industrial economy to a knowledge economy to a creative digital economy. 

In fact, we live in a global economy, where borders are blurred, where all humanity could and should be responsible for the well-being of others, by embracing agility and accelerating speed. Speed matters for businesses’ survival and thriving.

Information technology based acceleration: We are living in an information abundant world in which information is growing exponentially, technology is pervasive and the masses are looking for their own experiences to introduce new technologies into the business. Today's technology enables companies to leverage their various environments, or ecosystems, to chase innovation and accelerate performance. Business management leverages information in decision making, and explores growth opportunities.

Information technology should play an important role in building up high performance enterprises which can succeed in combining two distinct but interconnected elements: Strategic responsiveness and organizational flexibility, with the combination of an innovative culture that promotes responsiveness throughout the company, and accelerate business speed.

Capability based organizational acceleration: Because the ways of doing business and meeting customer expectations both tend to be more flexible than the siloed industrial age. Development, enhancement, and improvement imply an acceleration in business growth. To differentiate and accelerate, every competitive organization needs to have a unique set of core competencies to achieve business goals. How successful organizations can handle digital disruption depends on how fast and capable they can adapt to the ever-changing environment.

Capability based business strategy has a higher success rate. There are different perspectives of business capabilities. Capabilities are processes and competencies viewed strategically to enable business strategy implementation; or capabilities are the resources required for achieving certain mission and purpose. The more coherent capabilities are, the better opportunities that the organization can drive change with accelerated speed.

Creativity based organizational growth acceleration:
At today’s “VUCA” digital new normal, overly rigid hierarchy becomes the very obstacle to stifle changes and decelerate innovation. Creative leaders de-emphasizes hierarchy, enhance cross functional communication & collaboration, They are more likely to find a diversity of perspectives at lower levels in the organization, where employees confront external realities directly and are likely to raise critical questions, identify critical business problems, fix them smoothly, and accelerate strategic growth of the organization.

Business innovation has to be expanded into every dimension and permeating into underlying organizational structure and functions. Adaptive organizations develop platforms that enable experimentationand learning, including opportunities to reflect on successes and failures. Innovative leaders should align rewards with experimentation in a way that doesn’t punish failure, but to encourage talent to grow, innovate. It means to accelerate the talent who can successfully navigate, harness the cycles of learning and max out that resemble. It’s about "the company or the society that reinvented itself" via doing things differently and solving problems creatively.

Organizational leaders need to connect the dots across the various management disciplines and glue up all crucial ingredients to accelerate strategic change based on the business core competencies and maximize the business value it could bring up. Advancement can be achieved via forward-thinking, progress, improvement, fresh knowledge, modernization. Only through continuous improvement, organizational or societal advancement can be sustained and the world can move forward with accelerated speed.


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