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By setting, updating policies effectively, you can align, integrate, and optimize the important factors inside an organization or society more effortlessly, and build a contemporary society collaboratively.

All of us belong to certain societies with very characteristics such as citizen, freedom, liberty, laws, liability, or system. We are at the intersection of knowledge and creative economy; we are also at the intersection of standardized industrial society and the personalized digital society. Strong policy establishment and update encourages desired attitude, behaviors and collective progress. Outdated policies are like time glue, causing mismanagement and societal stagnation. 

As a matter of fact, human society is at a turning point that requires a significant adjustment in our evolutionary path rooted at the mindset level, to infusing creative energy and progressive change into every aspect of organizations, communities, industries, enforcing the best and next practices to facilitate people development and continuous progress.

Understand the correlations between policy and problem-solving: Contemporary society has the right mix of information fluency, cultural diversity, knowledge variety, and professional competency, etc. Good policies encourage positive thinking, constructive behaviors, lubricate the business relationships and streamline logic to encourage better problem-solving. Bad policies discourage people from making progress or cause them to become part of problems. Thus, top leadership teams should enforce their understanding of the correlations between policy setting and problem solving. The motivation behind policy-making describes “why” it is important to solve problems for achieving expected goals.

Policies that are clearly understood, articulated, and commonly shared, are the genetic code of any healthy organization and modern society. Effective policies shouldn’t enhance the “we always do things like that” mentality or encourage people to play around the system and stifle innovative problem-solving. Effective policies fit purposes to enforce order from chaos; by setting and following good policies, organizations can focus on coordination and facilitation, so people crossing the boundaries will pull in the same direction to solve complex problems smoothly, encourage good behaviors and advance human society collaboratively.

Enforce policy development, implementation to accelerate performance and unleash collective potential: We live in the hyper-connected and interdependent modern global society now, humans are part of the natural world, full of potential, full of variety. Good policies set the right tone of improvement, promote transparency, trust, respect, creativity, open communication, collaboration, people centricity, etc. It also sets the right level of constraints, so people can concentrate on thinking reasonably, behaving appropriately and doing meaningful things, for accelerating collective progression.

When enforcing good policies, amplifying business effects into society, we revitalize the knowledge economy into a creative economy. We need to gain an in-depth understanding of numerous visible and invisible factors that perhaps influence the cycle of balance and growth in strategy management and people management. We have to be determined to not get limited by conventional wisdom, common belief, traditional culture, and make real progress somehow at the proper pace. Effective policy management inspires positive mentality, independent thinking, encourages good behavior, drives better performance and unleashes human potential both individually and collectively. People in high performance organizations or societies follow good policies voluntarily for their own benefit, and make the workplace highly productive, provocative, passionate, autonomous, innovative, and delightful, to achieve high performance results.

Enhance a healthy cycle of de-policy and re-policy, renew good policies and keep them stabilized to shape an advanced modern society
: Digital is the new age paradigm associated with deep ecology. The digital organization or society is more like the living things with self-adaptable and self-renewal capability. Digital is the new paradigm shift to deep connect the business nature of the ecosystem. Due to overwhelming growth of information and increasing pace of changes, the policy management cycle is significantly shortened, as some policies made in the industrial age perhaps encourage silo, homogeneity or bureaucracy. Good policies are not about limiting people’s potential, as the matter of fact, it’s the strategic constraint and necessary frame to shape the fitting mindset and behavior, encourage people to explore opportunities and co-shape an advanced modern organization or society.

Unfortunately, in many organizations, just because a policy exists, it doesn't mean they will be effective or followed. Thus, quite a lot of policies across organizations, industries or geographical locations should be reinvented and go to the healthy cycle of de-policy and re-policy. Either at the individual or the organizational level, to self-renew and create a positive change tomorrow, you need to start today. People need to do what policies say or have the policies say what they do. If not, then the policy is irrelevant. Like all great things in the world, balance is the key in policy management. On one hand, the proliferation of policies become necessities to shape a set of advanced mentality, desired culture, the best & next practices; on the other hand, a positive or creative workplace reduces the number of policies to achieve high performance.

Human history is an evolutionary journey to keep advancing anthropologically, economically, technologically, and philosophically. Organizational advancement is about forward-thinking, progress, improvement, fresh knowledge, modernization. By setting, updating policies effectively, you can align, integrate, and optimize the important factors inside an organization or society more effortlessly, build a contemporary society in which people are authentic, informative, innovative to do meaningful work, live fulfilling life and advance humanity continually.


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