Thursday, October 6, 2022


 In order to truly build innovation competency, "development, enhancement, and coaching" are important to meet the individuals’ and the organizational development needs.

Running a business is about creating multifaceted value and moving forward. The very goal of business initiative management is to set the right priority, align key success factors of the business, such as talent, resource, process, capability, capacity to build organizational capability for achieving business value. 

Innovation is the most needed change, the evolution of innovation only exists in the more open environments in which novel ideas can be generated and implemented to achieve unique business value, improve organizational competency and maturity.

It’s critical to encourage free thinking and experimenting, develop differentiated capabilities to innovate: An innovation friendly digital working environment is like the melting pot to inspire creativity, inspire thinking and doing things differently. Being innovative is a state of openness where you set aside what you think you know; being curious with a beginner’s mind, stepping out of your analytical minds to create something fresh.

Creative mentalities in a collective setting can sustain a balance of forward-thinking and lessons learned; creativity and process; opportunities and risk; individualism and teamwork; personalization and unification; science and art; intuition and logic. Organizational management can take initiatives to discover more hotspots of innovation, spark creativity to deal with many old and emerging problems, harness innovation management as a discipline, not serendipity, unify the best of the best, build the culture of creativity, and improve innovation excellence of the company.

It’s important to set policies, fine-tune structure, and make programs as three levers to drive innovation initiatives systematically:
Innovative leadership is more open, influential and interdisciplinary. Innovative leaders are able to make decisions in a very organic relationship with their environment, think of future needs, think outside the box, advocate inclusiveness, innovativeness, and progression, and take innovative initiatives for unlocking performance consistently.

Innovative leaders can perhaps speak different languages or professional dialects effectively, build trust across disciplinary teams to spur fresh ideas, bring up multifaceted value propositions, and deliver customized solutions to fit global consumers or businesses. To scale up innovation effort, Insightful global leaders can instill thoughtfulness, intelligence, and influence in the organizations, communities, or societies, amplify their influence by shaping a transformational vision, co-setting a global innovation agenda, and making an advanced world collaboratively.

It’s important to understand the coherent business innovation logic of the whole organization and build a resilient innovation system:
The available digital technology just makes innovation easier to do now than in the past, less costly. The art of innovation is to generate novel ideas; the science of innovation is to manage innovation cycles and implement prioritized ideas cost-effectively. An open business innovation system is value-added to create an expansive and interdependent environment with a set of coherent principles, processes, practices to help organizations recognize challenges, understand boundaries, and deal with business constraints smoothly.

Also, you can scan the external environment and make sure that you’re seeing patterns and trends that can amplify innovation effects. Innovation in its basic nature is a high risk area; it’s important to identify and control those risks that can be addressed. There must be enough central control to achieve coordination toward the large-system goals, and enough autonomy to keep all subsystems flourishing.

In order to truly build innovation competency, "development, enhancement, and coaching" are important to meet the individuals’ and the organizational development needs. For the large scale of business initiatives, the innovation effect can be amplified to touch more people, businesses, industries, and societies. It's important to establish a cross-functional team to involve multifaceted management, space and time are made to scope, plan, and execute in a structural way, for creating unique business value and unleashing business potential.


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