Thursday, June 1, 2023


Quality is all about what people think and do the right thing right to increase reliability, manageability, operability, reusability, etc.

Digital organizations arise when the scale of the interrelations, interactions, or inter-relational interactions surpasses the silo-based organizational capacity. Quality management ensures that in an organization, products or services are consistent to meet customers’ satisfaction. Digital Quality management needs to take an overarching approach with multidisciplinary practices. Quality is everyone’s business.
This book Quality Master: The World Class Insight about Quality is not about discussing specific quality standards or techniques well adopted in different industries, but for sharing some insight on how to understand the multitude of quality attributes from different perspectives, recognize quality champions to inspire quality culture, set digital principles and develop the best and next digital quality management practices.

        High Quality 

Innatequlity Quality is not just the specific task of one business function; it is one of the business management disciplines which needs to be taken in a systematic way. The management processes and systems need to be more dynamic, iterative, integral, and interactive in order to make the timely adjustment for improving the quality of management and overall business maturity.

Initiatives Of Quality The very characteristics of organization today are openness, fluidity, agility, design fluency innovation, high quality, etc. Quality is embedded in everything we think, act, and influence surrounding. Everyone in the organization has some role in quality management; monitor quality and take corrective measures when necessary and possible. Quality management is basically the fundamental purpose of meeting or exceeding customers’ expectations or fulfilling employee satisfaction

Innatequality The world becomes more dynamic, change is for renewal; innovation is for value generation. We are now entering an even more rapid and extensive period of business expansion and high degree of interdependence, with a sense of urgency. The future of organizations is complex enough to act intelligently and nimble enough to scale up or down, to accelerate business performance smoothly.

Illustratequality People are always the weakest link in organizations; a degree of quality is in everything people do and experience. Quality is everyone’s business; touch all important perspectives of the business. Quality management should focus not only on the quality of products and services but also the quality of people, process, structure to achieve the high level of business maturity.

Innerquality The speed of change requires the business to adapt to the dynamic business new normal, and the fiery business competitions push organizations to deliver qualified products or services to woo customers and gain market share. Nowadays, quality is everyone’s business. High-quality enterprise consists of high-quality people, high-quality products/services, and high-quality business capabilities/processes, etc. From the organizational management perspectives, how to gain an in-depth understanding of business competency + quality, what do you put in place or how would you then structure your business to ensure that the ability of your business to adapt rapidly and deliver products and services with high quality?

Quality is about doing the right things right the first time. High-quality enterprise consists of high-quality people, products, or services; business capabilities and processes, etc. To effectively lead the organization to reach the next level of business maturity, it’s important to shape quality as the mindset and quality as the management discipline.


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