Tuesday, March 28, 2023


Quality management needs to be a cross-functional collaborative effort, not something one team does alone in a corner, in order to improve business effectiveness and maturity.

The very characteristics of organization today are openness, fluidity, agility, design fluency innovation, high quality, etc. Quality is embedded in everything we think, act, and influence surrounding. 

Everyone in the organization has some role in quality management; monitor quality and take corrective measures when necessary and possible. Quality management is basically the fundamental purpose of meeting or exceeding customers’ expectations or fulfilling employee satisfaction, and improving corporate reputation.

As a degree of quality is in everything people do and experience, people are always the weakest link in quality management: People need to be consistent with what they think and do; provide the best quality even if the management is not around. Excellence in all we do is something we should strive for the best. leaving room for risk and innovation! The continuous improvement; strong discipline, the right dose of confidence and humility, etc, are all crucial professional qualities to accelerate their performance.

It is rigorous to allow for creative thought and actions. Humans are not perfect, and have few attributes like fear, they should overcome it, as courage is one of the most important qualities needed for survival in face of fierce competition and disruptions. Quality employees are the ones who can think and work independently and consistently, well disciplined to bring wisdom to the workplace, build culture of quality and improve overall quality of leadership, people and communication.

Quality attracts quality, leading an organization into good practices to focus on quality attributes takes dedicated effort and commitment: The multidimensional business management provides impressive advantages in terms of the quality of information for decision making, the collective performance of the workforce; the speed of products/service delivery. A growing number of tools attempt to provide key indicators on quality results. Automation tools help to explore the data as quickly as possible, and visualized tools make better business insight and potentially reveal a way forward.

Quality management is able to build an impressive road-mapping, explore multipath strategy implementation gateways, and change to the fundamental business model, culture, or other critical business factors for reaching the next level of organizational effectiveness and efficiency. The problem of quality management is not lack of methodology but the lack of commitment to use one. Quality managers should recognize the limitations of perspectives, methodologies, and tools of the traditional quality management approach, and learn how to embrace the holistic discipline. As quality management needs to go head to head with many other management practices and become everyone’s business.

Proper quality management cycle is there so that you can follow quality business development procedures, principles, and guidelines: Many organizations dwell and spend considerable amounts of time in the name of process, not to mention, the plethora of manual documentation involved; making things very complex and cumbersome, thereby losing focus of the result that needs to be achieved in the estimated amount of time, cost, quality, customer satisfaction.

The quality check of teams is to evaluate both individual and team performance on how effectively they can improve the quality of products/service to improve customer satisfaction. Holistic quality assessment is to assess on how effectively organizations can improve the quality of products/service; the quality of processes, capabilities; as well as the quality of soft business success factors such as leadership, or culture, with the goal to improve the quality of the entire organization.

It is a quality of the organization and its people to be responsive, consistent and accountable to what they intend to achieve. Keep learning and evolving, to be agile and open many doors for prescribed interventions. The ability to deliver a quality product is, as a matter of clear focus on the things that deliver quality. Quality management needs to be a cross-functional collaborative effort, not something one team does alone in a corner, in order to improve business effectiveness and maturity.


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