Thursday, February 6, 2020

The “Perfect Fit”: Is It Possible

As civilization evolves, we have more information and greater opportunity to explore “the art of possible.  In fact, misfit can be a real fit when time flows.

The Digital Era upon us is about people centricity, choice, and empathy. In today’s cross-generational, cross-cultural, and cross-geographical working environment, the new generation of digital professionals pursues freedom, independence, and autonomy.

Digital fit can be interpreted with a degree of variability. Fundamentally, digital fitness is based on both how you think and what you are doing. From a talent management perspective, how to fit the right talent to the right position at the right time to solve the right problems. The “perfect fit,” is it possible?

Mind fit: “Digital fit” should be first defined as “mind fit,” the right mind with multidimensional intelligence is the utmost quality for being the right fit because the power of the mind is the force to drive progressive changes and make a leap of digital transformation. Today’s digital leaders and professionals need to have the strategic intelligence to keep the end in mind with the long term perspective; judgmental intelligence to make sound judgments and effective decisions; creative intelligence to discover alternative solutions; system intelligence to understand the interrelationship between parts and the whole; or paradoxical intelligence to strike the right balance; etc.

 Independent and critical thinking is encouraged and problem-solving minds are engaged. Every person is special, every mind has its own strength. Not everyone is going to like us, agree with us or think like us! It takes time to learn, to feel confident, to be different, and to be unique.

Attitude fit: Attitude is basically ''how we react to any situation that comes up?'' Attitude manifests itself through one's own behavior and results from the thoughts and mind, assumptions, and preferences. Attitude is developed based on people’s beliefs, knowledge, or experience, etc.

Attitude changes are adaptive shifts in thoughts or beliefs that result from looking inward and reflecting. Outwardly, attitude is dependent on whether or not people agree with the direction that they need to go. If it's good, then a good attitude will follow. The right people have a positive attitude, they are passionate about their work and demonstrate high-level professionalism and maturity.

Knowledge fit: A digital knowledge professional is someone for whom knowledge is the main input for work. Knowledge is power, however, absorbing knowledge is only the beginning of learning. Climbing the knowledge pyramid (information, knowledge, insight, wisdom) is important for unlocking talent potential.

How deep your understanding is based on the mindset, logic, lenses, and methodology you leverage to interpret things and solve problems. While imagination helps us expand our idea, knowledge helps us refine our idea of what is economically feasible. Thus, without a growth mindset and update knowledge, either individuals or the organizations will get stuck and cannot reach the next level of the growth cycle and unleash their potential.

Capability fit (Creativity, problem-solving, judgment, decision-making, learning, etc): Capability is more related to aptitude, the knowledge and skill for that particular work and is related to the performance and the outcome. Competency is a combination of capabilities with a focus, capabilities may be combined in different fashions to yield multiple competencies.

Digital professionals, more often than not, have to build multiple core competencies, in order to be unique, not easy to replicate; to be adaptive to rapid changes; to be resilient when getting a setback, to be focused on things matter and do more with innovation.

Self-management fit: Generally speaking, a “digital fit” person is self-motivated, self-directed, self-inspired, purposeful, and creative, with self-management fit. Knowledge workers today are more purpose-driven. Self-management is about knowing and comprehending how you can manage emotions and behaviors, and as an individual, recognize what is best to think and do, in relation to the betterment of his/her own life, including effective communications, taps the inner and outer resources of strength, and to get yourself doing things with disciplines, practices and achieve the ultimate goals.

With self-management fit, people can take ownership of their processes and believe better-than-expected results. They have full authority over the practices, processes, tools, engineering methods they would like to use to get the work done effortlessly.

As civilization evolves, we have more information and greater opportunity to explore “the art of possible.” “Digital Fit” doesn't mean that everyone needs to have the same thought process, the same personalities, the same preferences, or the same experiences. In fact, misfit can be a real fit when time flows. Digital leaders and professionals today have to continue learning and updating their skills and building their professional competency to keep perfecting, not being perfect. It’s a journey of a thousand miles.


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