Friday, February 14, 2020

Unleash Human Potential to Celebrate Valentine's Day

The cookie cutting approach often fails in talent development because authenticity cannot be replicated. 
The digital era upon us is about people, one of the critical management goals is to build a positive, innovative culture for unleashing collective human potential and unlocking business performance.

Digital leaders and professionals are self-aware, self-motivated, self-directed, self-disciplined, and self-renewing, take a progressive journey of self-actualization by strengthening the strength and making continuous improvement.

Unleash the talent potential just like the gardeners nurture their plants: To envision is to shape the future together. The digital workforce is diverse and informative, the digital workplace needs to be designed to help employees at all levels within an organization discover their potential and develop their professional competency, keep positive energy flow around, and nurture a culture in which creativity is not just accepted but encouraged. It's important to build a culture where creativity is not just accepted but encouraged. keeps the positive energy flowing around, encourages both individuals and organization as a whole to practice autonomy, discover purpose, develop professional competencies, tap diverse resources and recognize merit and ideas.

From a talent management perspective, the "view of the talent potential landscape” has many dimensions intellectually, psychologically, philosophically, and sociologically. Just like building a blossoming garden, constructing a talent potential landscape is a structural design process that can bring greater awareness of people's dynamics, resource alignment, cultural quintessential, or technological touches. Everything is designed, focused on constantly unlocking collective potential. Just like nurturing a garden, there is a lot of hard work and techniques such as sowing, watering, fertilizing, pollinating, pruning, sorting and balancing, etc. In a creative working environment, the entrepreneurial spirit is inspired, all critical business elements are integrated into unique business competency.

Success is when you find your inner strengths and develop it into unique professional competencies: Every individual is unique, has his/her inner strength. It's only on the inner journey that we truly understand why we do any of the things we do which leads us to a greater understanding of ourselves. The mind of every individual is different, the actual mental understanding and subsequent manifestations in action will be different for each individual as well. In fact, being able to see our strengths and weaknesses without self-judgment is possible and healthy, but often time, we need an outside incident or event to help bring it out. As we begin to appreciate and love our own inner qualities that were perhaps not recognized before, we are confident to be who we are and thrive to become the better version of ourselves.

Keep in mind, strength is not equal to linear skills; it's a good combination of character, mindset, talent, knowledge, and expertise. Self-motivation and self-improvement help you set disciplines and directional opportunities for personal growth. Self-discovery and self-actualization are an adventurous journey; when you always play safe, in fear of being different, you might lose the character or block your potential. In a digital workplace, people are encouraged to unleash their potential, strengthen their strength, broaden diverse thoughts and develop their professional competencies step-wisely.

Being authentic and taking the ”perfecting” journey is much more important than being perfect: What keeps talented people successful is their intellectual curiosity and ability to continuously be open to learning and applying these learning as they move forward. Be authentic and take a progressive journey for unleashing potential. Competing with uniqueness is more effective than competing for everything.

People who have always followed instructions from seniors may not understand the originality and cannot tap their innate strength. From a talent management perspective, the potential is the ability and interest to take on more responsibilities in the future which is displayed by their advanced mindset to lead forward. Talented professionals showing potential are distinguished usually by their mastery of new roles quickly and effectively, learning more rapidly than their peers, and more innovate to generate novel ideas or solve problems creatively.

The cookie cutting approach often fails in talent development because authenticity cannot be replicated. Every person is unique and we all have our own strengths and weaknesses. Knowing who we are or being self-awareness, allows us to become a better person or a higher quality professional. it's a "good to great" journey to unleash human potential and amplifying collective competency to reach the next level of the societal progress.


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