Sunday, February 2, 2020

The Monthly “IT Innovation” Book Tuning: The Crucial Components of Innovation Management Feb. 2020

 IT plays a significant role in managing the information-knowledge-insight cycle and fostering innovation by leveraging disruptive technologies and enriched information flow.

Within abundant information and emergent digital technologies, IT is a key component of a holistic business mindset to re-imagine “what is possible” - unleashing business potentials and improving business efficiency, effectiveness, agility, and maturity. The art of possible to reinvent IT in the digital age is to deliver the value of information in helping businesses grow, delight customers and doing more with innovation.

   The Crucial Components of Innovation Management

The Crucial Components of Innovation Management Information is growing exponentially and technologies are changing very rapidly, innovation is no longer nice to have, but “must-have” business competency to survive for the future. Everyone in the leadership team has a gift and digital organization is very complex. The exercise of deciding just what innovation is within each organization is one of the most critical activities of an innovation effort.

The Transcendence of Information Management Besides people, information is the most invaluable asset in businesses today. Not only is information interesting economic goods, but the value is also difficult to determine, it could be utilitarian, intrinsic, extrinsic, hedonistic, social, practical epistemic, etc. Managing information and the information position of an organization is what ought to be called Information Management. The tricky bit with information is that, depending on the level of granularity and aggregation, you can use it for multiple purposes. The transcendence of Information Management into various business management accelerates business performance and unlocks business potential.

Five Critical Components in IT Innovation Management Playbook Technology is pervasive and the information is abundant, business initiatives and digital transformation today nearly always involve some form of technology implementation or information processing. IT plays a significant role in managing the information-knowledge-insight cycle and fostering innovation by leveraging disruptive technologies and enriched information flow. One of the most appropriate tiles for CIOs is “Chief Innovation Officer,” who plays a critical role in orchestrating innovation symphony. Here are five critical components in the IT innovation management playbook.

Introspective, Retrospective and Techspective Innovation Innovation happens when you change the game; you bring a different twist to what is currently established and perceived. Innovation is about transforming novel ideas to achieve its business value. It is largely due to the fact that innovation in the digital dynamic has become increasingly complex in nature and expands its horizon for impact. Thus, digital innovation needs to layout different mindsets, structures, processes, capabilities to unleash the potential. Here we introduce the introspective, retrospective, and techspective innovation.

The Emotion Life Cycle Behind Digital Management?
Human history is an evolutionary journey to keep advancing economically, technologically, and sociologically. Digitalization implies the full-scale changes in the way business is conducted so that simply adopting the new digital technology may be insufficient. The multidimensional digital effects provide impressive advantages in terms of the business speed, the abundance of information, and the quality of the digital workforce. Digitalization is the radical change, change is never for its own sake, there is the emotional impact associated with it, from solving conflicts, soothing the pain, to the fulfillment, enchantment, and delight.

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