Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Gap-Minding Practices for Shaping an Innovative Organization

The Digital era is volatile, complex, uncertain and ambiguous, it is important to develop a series of gap-minding practices to bridge the multitude of gaps for speeding up changes.

Nowadays, businesses are steadily moving into the digital era with the very characteristics of hyper-connectivity and interdependence. The path to building an innovative organization won’t be straight or flat, there’s bumps or curves, roadblocks and pitfalls on the way.

It is imperative to transform the traditional process-driven silo management flavor to a people-centric digital management style by closing digital leadership blind spots and modern management gaps.

Close the gap between the idea generation and implementation: The original germ of a creative idea is often, if not always arrived at the interaction of ideas from different domains of thoughts and experiences. The heterogeneous team with cognitive differences is more innovative than the homogeneous group setting. Good ideas nearly never emerge spontaneously but from interactions, not single individuals. Silos, rigidity, inflexibility, static mindset, or bureaucracy, etc, create gaps and slow down idea flow and stifle innovation. in reality, most organizations have too many ideas. But more is not always better. Because organizations have limited resources which further enlarge the idea management gaps and decelerate business speed. It’s important to prioritize - select the ideas which can have a better opportunity to implement and maximize business value.

Keep in mind, even if you have ample innovative ideas, it doesn’t guarantee innovation success due to the possible execution gap. In fact, innovation management has a very low success rate. Bridging innovation execution gap requires a systematic execution scenario with clear stages, performance thresholds, decision-making parameters combined with the iterative communication and learning process that supports wide-ranging exploration at each stage.

Mind the gap between the talent for tomorrow and skills for today: Due to the increasing speed of change and abundant knowledge, outdated thoughts and skill gaps are the reality. The digital workforce today is multigenerational, multi-geographic, and multi-devicing. The talent gap is often caused by misunderstanding or miscommunication (lost in translation) in between talent requests and HR's searching mechanism. There's also a disconnect of short-term staff needs and long term talent perspectives. Further, there is out-of-date talent recruiting and performance management practices and mechanism. Organizations today need to discover and develop talent for tomorrow, rather than just hire for yesterday. The gaps can be bridged through futuristic leadership, the culture of learning, effective training and innovation fostering.

Learning agility is more important than knowledge itself because a dynamic professional is self-motivated to improve professional competence and develop new skills. Filling the talent gap, updating the talent competency model, and taking a holistic people management approach is the strategic imperative for businesses across vertical sectors to compete for the future. It is vitally important if organizations are to see a return on investment and objectively identify talent based on competence and capability.

Bridge the gap between what customer needs and what business can offer: The digital era is about customer-centricity. Without customers, an organization cannot survive, and without profitability, an organization cannot grow. The business has to continuously understand its customer needs and requirements and also have a clear understanding of how customer-centric approaches enhance the business model and extend profitability. Bridging the gap between what customers need and what business can offer is a critical effort to shape a customer-centric organization.

Gaining customer empathy will help organizations understand and orchestrate business competency through outside-in customer view and build the people-centric business. The businesses know what they are giving the customer is both what they really want and what they are willing to pay for. One common element in creating the customer experience is people, and how people interact with customers and how proactively and promptly solve their needs. Learn how to collaborate across your business, network, and ecosystem. It's about building competitive capabilities that create and sustain customer values.

Digital era is volatile, complex, uncertain and ambiguous, it is important to develop a series of gap-minding practices to bridge the multitude of gaps for speeding up changes, leverage the various environments or ecosystems, to accelerate performance and run a highly innovative digital organization.


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