Tuesday, March 31, 2020

The “Inherent” Quotes of “Digital Master” Mar. 2020

 Every person has the ability to be creative, just tearing down the mental barriers you have and tapping in your inherent ability.

"Digital Master is a series of guidebooks (28 + books) to perceive the multi-faceted impact digital is making to the businesses and society, help forward-thinking organizations navigate through the journey in a systematic way, and avoid “rogue digital.” It perceives the emergent trends of digital leadership, provides advice on how to run a digital organization to unleash its full potential and improve agility, maturity, and provide insight about Change Management. It also instructs the digital workforce on how to shape a game-changing digital mindset and build the right set of digital capabilities to compete for the future. Here is a set of “Inherent” quotes in Digital Master.”

1 Creativity is an inherent ability that cannot be taught, only developed.

2 The pace of change is accelerated both in businesses and the entire human society, either as individuals or organizations, the uncertainty of outcomes or occurrences is inherent in almost every endeavor.

3 Every person has the ability to be creative, just tearing down the mental barriers you have and tapping in your inherent ability.

4 So given the opportunity, establishing a formal and enabling structure in line with your ambition and desired direction, and nurturing culture within it, is preferable to relying on individuals and groups to overcome the hurdles of existing within a structure that inherently is not designed for the innovation.

5 The guiding principles and inherent values of agile promote transparency, trust, collaboration, respect, open communication, customer centricity, creativity, etc.

6 Let's not let all these problems inherent in any change initiative, to get in the way of accepting the business facts that change is inevitable and needed in every business.

7 There is no doubt that the board only fulfills its role to shareholders and the management team when it is focused on performance. To some degree, conformance is inherent within the value-driven performance.

8 A system is only a system in relation to a purpose and that purpose is not inherent in the objects and processes you build and create.

9 Einstein said that every solution to the problem should be as simple as possible, but no simpler. It means that a problem has an inherent, irreducible complexity; any attempt to simplify further than that will fail and any complexity added to it is harmful.


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