Tuesday, March 31, 2020

The Monthly Learning Summary: Nurture Learning Workforce Mar. 2020

With the exponential growth of information and abundant knowledge, corporate learning is a differentiated business competency and culture shift.

High organizational learning relates to high response in recognizing and addressing system constraints, and adapt to the ever-changing environment.

 With the increasing pace of changes and the cutting-throat competitions, to effectively respond to the digital dynamics, either individually or collectively, continuous learning becomes an important skill for skill-building and prerequisite of developing changeability.


Nurture Learning Workforce

Digital Workforce as Learning Master People are often the weakest link but one of the most critical success factors of the organization. Modern digital technologies bring unprecedented convenience for people to learn and collaborate, improve their productivity, learning agility, and innovativeness. The digital workforce is a technology savvy new breed and learning master.

The Culture of Learning Culture is the collective mindset, attitude, and behavior. Culture is the residue of learning. In other words, leaders set a culture based on their vision and leadership substance and style. Much of this becomes "the way we do things around here." What are the factors that shape up an organization's culture? What are they, and how to change organizations and for that matter societal culture to become more learning agile in order to adapt to the "VUCA" characteristics of the digital age? And how can you align business scorecards, awards, and recognition, policies, and procedures which drive behaviors from the "old" culture, to reinvent the digital culture of learning?

Three Continuum to Develop Learning Habit To quote Peter Drucker, an American management guru, “knowledge is the most valuable commodity.” It couldn’t be truer in the digital era. On one hand, the fresh knowledge can be captured from the abundance of information, to create significant business value; on the other hand, it doesn’t take so long for that knowledge to become a commodity once the market is exposed to it. With the overwhelming growth of information and a shortened knowledge cycle, today's digital workforce must develop the hybrid learning habit in order to build professional competency and unlock their performance and potential.

How to Develop a Learning Mind to Spark Creativity At the individual level, being a continuous learner is no longer simply a choice one can make. It is a necessity and imperative; if one expects to add value, to compete for the future with authenticity and consistency. It is the foundation to stimulate creativity. At the organizational level, the always-on, hyperconnected global workplace opens a whole new world on how to build both a creative and productive workforce. Today's digital leaders and professionals must contemplate how to develop a learning mind to spark creativity and how to shape a learning culture -from mindset to mind flow, grooming more collective learning minds and tap the fountain of creativity?

Minding The Resource & Investment Gap of Corporate Learning With the exponential growth of information and abundant knowledge, corporate learning is a differentiated business competency and culture shift. One of the main barriers to corporate learning is the business resource. For long term business success, it is essential for the entire company to be pulling in the right direction, break down resource bottlenecks, improve learning agility, and maximize the digital potential of their business.

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