Tuesday, March 17, 2020

The Monthly Digital Principles/Practices Summary: Innovation Practices Mar. 2020

One of the key determinants of whether an organization can move to new digital structures is the development level of the people, build a creative workplace and innovative workforce.

A digital workplace is all about people-centricity, empathy, innovation, agility, and high-level business maturity. Digital organizations are always on, inter-dependent and hyper-connected, people are always the most important asset in any organization before, today, and future. In an ideal digital workplace, the organizational structure is solid enough to keep people or things in order; but fluid enough to keep information and idea flow.

      Innovation Practices

Gap-Minding Practices for Shaping an Innovative Organization Nowadays, businesses are steadily moving into the digital era with the very characteristics of hyper-connectivity and interdependence. The path to building an innovative organization won’t be straight or flat, there’s bumps or curves, roadblocks and pitfalls on the way.

Three Practices to Build Creative Workplaces and Workforce People are always the most important business asset and investment, but also one of the weakest links in organizations. The important perspective of digital transformation is to put people at the center of the business, and to both engage employees and delight customers. One of the key determinants of whether an organization can move to new digital structures is the development level of the people, build a creative workplace and innovative workforce.

Innovation Best Practices vs. Next PracticesThe business practice is always a combination of people and how they are used to doing things. Digital is the age of innovation. Innovation is the process that can be classified scientifically and managed dynamically. Besides building a set of principles to follow, it’s also important to develop a set of innovation practices to scale up and amplify its effect. The point is that innovation is change, the overly rigid processes could stifle innovation and outdated practices perhaps fail innovation effort and decelerate the pace of innovation. So, best practices vs. Next practices, how to review and update them accordingly to unpuzzle the serendipity of innovation and improve the success rate of innovation management?

The New Book “Unpuzzling Innovation” Introduction Chapter 5 Digital Innovation Next Practices The world is becoming more hyper-connected with the latest digital technology advancement, creativity emerges as the most wanted skills across the industries and geographical borders. Digital innovation has a broader spectrum with hybrid nature; it is the incremental improvement-radical innovation continuum. From an innovation management perspective, is it possible to integrate the innovative concepts into a comprehensive approach that can generate intelligent solutions to the seemingly insurmountable large-scale problems? How to develop digital innovation best and next practices for evolving innovation continuum in a structural way?

Three Digital Innovation Practices Digital is the age of innovation. Innovation is a management process, not just serendipitous magic. In today's modern organizations, variety, complexity, diversification, and hyper-connectivity, etc, are the characteristics of the digital innovation ecosystem. Digital innovation has a broader spectrum and enriched context.

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