Thursday, July 30, 2020

Knowledge vs. Imagination to Celebrate #7000 Blog Posting

Knowledge is useless- unless you could use it to create something new. Imagination is delusional  unless you can roll it into reality.

Knowledge is what is and what has been; imagination ponders what it could be-

and creates new knowledge.

Knowledge helps to frame the picture of imagination;

Imagination breakdowns the little box of outdated knowledge.

Imagination and knowledge are intertwined-

Without imagination, knowledge is tedious;

without knowledge, imagination is nonsense.

Without imagination, knowledge is aimless;

Without knowledge, imagination is pointless.

Imagining, inventing, innovating,

Knowing, understanding, sharing…

They are both endless cycles, spiraling up, and circling around…

Knowledge is the fuel to boost imagination engine,

Imagination is the brainchild that needs to be nourished with knowledge.

Knowledge is enriched food that feeds intellectual hunger.

Imagination is fresh water which satisfies a thirsty soul.

Imagination is our wonderland, we have to keep exploring, without hallucinations.

Knowledge is the big sea, we need to learn how to swim in it without getting drowned.

Blue moon, purple tree, paint the color, and connect the dots…

imagination is stimulating, drives us to pursue “the art of possible”-

but shouldn’t be just the shallow spontaneity...

Academy, institute...learn and teach-

knowledge makes people look smart, but shouldn’t suffocate our imagination...

Curiosity stimulates imagination;

but it’s the open-mindedness that drives us-

to absorb knowledge.

Intuitive knowledge feeds our imagination-

Then, imagination flows freely in the consciousness river-

and merges into the ocean of knowledge.

Scientific fiction, artistic fairy tale-

imagination continues emerging, blurs territory and expands horizon.

Explicit knowledge, implicit knowledge-

knowledge keeps building its footprint and amplifies its influence.

Knowledge is useless-

unless you could use it to create something new

Imagination is delusional-

unless you can roll it into reality.

Knowledge could get stale and contaminated fast-

like rotten food.

Imagination might turn to be scary or intimidating-

like a lightened sky.

Sometimes, unorganized and complicated knowledge like big, hairy balls-

it takes bold imagination to untangle it.

At the other time, imagination seems to be ridiculous and out of control-

it takes knowledge to role it into reality.

Knowledge is limited, but imagination is boundless…

Knowledge may inflate ego without humility.

Imagination perhaps sounds foolish without the foundation of knowledge.

Imagination creates blueprints, Knowledge is brick & mortar..

Information, Knowledge, Insight, Wisdom-

Knowledge is circling and transcending...

Knowledge gives wings to the imagination-

But it’s imagination encircles the world.


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