Thursday, January 14, 2021


Ultra-modern idealists are in demand to lighten up the dawn of the new era of change, choices, empathy, and people centricity, to make human progress cohesively, consistently and collaboratively.

With exponential growth of information and emerging collaborative technologies, the business functional border, the company border, the industrial border, the geographical border, and even the profession border are blurred; indeed, the world becomes more inclusive and informative. Inspirational idealists are in demand to lighten up the dawn of the new era of change, choices, empathy, and people centricity, to make human progress cohesively, consistently and collaboratively. They can think forward, shape new perspectives and focus on the future. 

Ultra-modern idealists are the digital “purists” to envision breakthrough progress: Breakthrough ideas are shaped by breaking down conventional thinking boxes, broadening advanced thoughts and disciplines to come up with new concepts or take bold adventures-something that no one else has done before; really original. Digital idealists with fresh thoughts help to resolve emerging situations, and through applying the new found insight and accumulated experiences, the mind crafting, in turn, becomes the reservoir for resolving the next ‘situation’ with fresher thoughts.

At the corporate scope, breakthrough innovations or radical changes require cross-functional senior leadership commitment most of the time, setting time aside to allow an idea or a problem to incubate. Innovative idealists are in demand because they do not take things for granted, challenge conventional wisdom or some automatic assumptions about the problem, discover ‘anything new to businesses,’ gain a fresh perspective to understand it, and practice “out of the box” thinking to come up with better solutions. They advocate leapfrog change, push for different solutions by pulling the necessary resources to experiment with different ways and discover new possibilities.

Ultra-modern idealists are progressive “explorers'' who take a cross disciplinary approach to pursue emerging opportunities:
Without idealism, there would be no innovation. Without innovation, there would be no progress. Digital idealists are creative and intuitive, exploring the meaning of humanity through the varying forms of artistic expression; they craft their artwork for deepening the thoughts and using contemporary themes. Ideas and values drive social progress. Over time things change, we humans are developing, growing and choice are part of that process.

Digital idealists experiment and explore digital needs to lay out different thought processes, structures, methodologies or practices. They may take the adventure by not following the worldly rules; they may change the world by respecting nature's original colors and patterns: they perhaps solve the problem by not approaching it directly; they apply their creativity to harmonize and orchestrate the ongoing journey for societal progression. Modern digital idealists stimulate healthy competition. If we have two or more ideas, we have competition because of those ideas, combining all that is available to them in an imaginative and adventurous way, and discovering better ways to solve either emerging or existing business problems.

Ultra-modern idealists are visionaries who can assist in "seeing" and bringing clarity to the future: In face of unprecedented levels of uncertainty and ambiguity, the digital era shuns the new light to make the big shift, visionary implies an openness to what is trying to emerge. As the visionary mind can think in a positive way, in knowing the challenges ahead, and have the self-efficacy to deal with them confidently; in brilliantly imagining the missions and business models of tomorrow while architecting the ability to succeed in the missions and business models of today.

Vision is a future state of being, it makes you feel passionate about what is going to happen - the opportunities. It should be attainable subject to current times and its ability to adapt to changing times. Digital idealists are visionaries who can engage with disturbance and discover what is trying or needing to emerge. They intuitively draw on the timeless cognizance and present it in a new synthesis and frame the fresh picture to meet the particular need of the times, convey a vision based on principles that lift humanity.

When a new stage emerges in the progression of society and advance of technology, the continued use of the old paradigm creates ever-increasing problems. So people have to frame a new mindset, learn to use the new lens of the new era, acquire new thinking, knowing, and doing based on the new worldview. Idealists are strong persuaders to guide, innovators to experiment, interdisciplinarians to connect, and explorers to take adventure for driving a seamless paradigm shift.


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