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No one is absolutely objective. We all have biases; some with more; some with less; some of that we are aware of and some of that we are not.

The purpose of the book “Digital Hybridity: How to Strike the Right Balance for Digital Paradigm Shift is to shed some light on how to strike the right balance of stability and changes; being transactional to keep spinning and being transformational to leap forward for making a seamless digital paradigm shift.

 Digital organizations should apply the hybrid management approach, focus on building a diverse, networked, and extended modern working environment in which the powerful digital platforms and computing technologies enable seamless conversations, delayer overly rigid organizational hierarchy, inspire idea sharing and brainstorming, and engage employees and partners to achieve the high-performance result.


Impartial With rapid change and exponential growth of information, businesses today need nothing less than a paradigm shift in their thinking about the fundamentals of how organizations work. There are so many seemingly paradoxical, but indeed coherent elements in running a digital organization today. Forward-thinking organizations need to discover their own strength, find a niche, and build a set of core and recombinant capabilities in order to become highly competitive and digital savvy.

Unbiased-mind We all have biases, some that we are aware of and some we are not. Humans are not perfect, their cognizance is limited on their thinking capability and capacity, the social environment in which they grow and live; the culture they carry, the lifetime event they experience, the education they receive and the media they follow. But digital is all about mind open and mind flow because the world becomes so hyper connected and interdependent, how shall we break through such cognitive limits and shape an unbiased mindset?

Impartial-fairness Fairness means to be unprejudiced, equitable, impartial, objective, dispassionately examining, and open-minded. Fairness is both digital leadership and professional quality and a culture characteristic to improve professionalism and digital maturity. People are much purposeful, creative and productive under a positive and fair working environment. Which questions should you ask to assess a person’s fairness?

Unbiased-view The digital dynamic creates many blind spots and generates quite a lot of gaps due to its “VUCA” characteristics - velocity, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. Thus, the directorship in forward-thinking organizations must have capabilities to advise and motivate, set the right leadership tone, and develop digital “mindsets.” To steer change confidently, Yin and Yang's balance needs to be considered in the boardroom in regards to shaping the unbiased view for making strategic decisions and improving leadership maturity.

Unconscious-bias No one is absolutely objective. We all have biases; some with more; some with less; some of that we are aware of and some of that we are not. Have you ever mislabeled, or over-analyzed others; have you always kept bi-polar thinking to judge “good or bad”? Have you always listened to what is being told or taught without a second thought? Have you paid too much attention to trivial or insignificant details, but lost the holistic picture? Etc. With the rapid growth of information and fast-paced changes, it’s important to challenge conventional wisdom and eliminate pre-conceptual assumptions or unconscious bias which is often caused by misperception or mislabeling. Perception is based on one’s thought processes which are influenced by one’s thinking style, cognitive understanding, and knowledge level, therefore, it is subjective. Understanding the filters that influence one’s unconscious biases is critical to the choice or the judgment you make. Because when the assumption is wrong, the conclusion will also go wrong. Here are three “Do Not” practices to overcome unconscious bias

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