Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Leadership Brief: Influential-impact

Digital leaders and high mature professionals need to have abilities to “calibrate their impact,” being able to lead through influence, not by brute force.

The effects of an increasingly digitized world are now reaching into every corner of businesses and every aspect of organizations. Digital is the age of creativity and innovation, creativity is the most desired trait for digital leaders and professionals today, and innovation is the light every organization is pursuing. 

Which themes shall you set to advocate digital transformation? How to lead toward the digital future effortlessly?




Influence Nowadays we step into the digital economy with exponential growth of information and abundant knowledge; the world has been interwoven through the internet and the latest technologies, leadership becomes more interdisciplinary, influential and innovative. Every profession and role has its unique influence based on insight to understand, confidence to assert, wisdom to negotiate, uniqueness to bridge, courage to break down barriers, and forward-thinking to drive progressive changes. So digital leaders and high mature professionals need to have abilities to “calibrate their impact,” being able to lead through influence, not by brute force.

Influential Intelligence The digital era upon us is about information abundance and pervasive intelligence. Our intelligence with regard to any given type of information is a function of our mental capacity to refine information, recognize and interpret patterns, and our consequent ability to use the perceived information for making sound judgments or taking logical actions. A mindset could be called influential intelligence if it has a high mental ability to discover the inter-relationship among different disciplines. With unprecedented complexity and exponential information growth, contemporary leadership is based on multidimensional intelligence, and intelligence amplifies influence at different cognitive or hierarchical levels to drive progressive changes.

Influential-BoDs People tend to make leadership very complex, but in its most simple form, leadership is an influence. With rapid changes and exponential growth of information, the command control style of management is gradually losing its steam. Digital leadership needs to be highly intelligent and influential, to lead through influence, not brute force. The corporate board as one of the top leadership pillars must influence and exemplify progressive leadership and help to shape an ultra-modern digital organization effortlessly.

Influence & Inclusiveness Digital transformation is an evolutionary journey which means a renewed understanding of the future of business-what’re the disruptive trends; how your organization catalyzes the progressive changes and how much better you can do to leverage creativity and lead a seamless transformation. Influence competency is based on the leadership substances such as vision and purpose with effective styles such as participation, coaching or delegation. In order to make profound influence, you must demonstrate high levels of cognitive intelligence and various skills (as following), and have strong ethics, responsibility, integrity, and empathy.

Influential-impact The purpose of the board of directors is to enforce governance disciplines by directing business in the right direction and monitoring the business performance. It needs to be remembered that governance as a discipline is a living breathing entity that continually requires stroking and attention, otherwise, it will stagnate and lose its ability. To lead effectively, directorship in any forward-thinking organization must have the ability to guide, inspire, motivate and embrace business trends such as digitalization and globalization, take multiple responsibilities, and make significant impact to drive transformative changes seamlessly.

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