Monday, January 4, 2021


Introspection is a sort of mind crafting activity which involves self-reflection and self-discovery. 

Humans as one of the most intelligent species are cognitive and emotional. Introspection means "the examination or observation of one's own mental and emotional processes." 

Every mind of individual is different. If we really want to know what the inner world is about - to begin with, introspection does help us make self discovery, check on our weaknesses and strengthen our strengths.

Introspection is nothing but "Self-analysis.
" It continues to wonder “who I am, where I am, why I am, what I am and how I am”: Introspection is a sort of self-assessment and analysis focuses the mind and “self" is that level of existence which is the genuine substance of who you are. Introspection helps to discover the “Youness in You" means the inner you, who you are, from the bottom of your heart, the color of your DNA, and the top of your mind. Once you discover who you truly are, allow those good values to guide you.

Every human being is unique, with our own inner talent or raw intelligence, introspection is a self analysis mental process to dig us through and achieve wholeness via the interaction between what is within us (self), and how we project to the exterior world. Collectively, the constant negotiation between our essence and our projection is what leads to growth and human evolution. Introspection is an important process to understand our cognitive ability and style, intellectual engagement, personalities, innovativeness, plasticity, adaptation, or emotional intelligence, etc, so it helps us be authentic and more comfortable to be “who we are.”

Introspection opens the mind to be on a path to a "better" version of ourselves: Introspection helps us open our “mental window” via reflection, learning, improving, etc, free our mind from mundane tasks, and take a unique path to a better version of ourselves. With rapid change and overloaded information, it’s a cognitive process to shift ‘mindset’ to mind-scope or mind-flow, so that it allows the mind to seek possibility, rather than self-limited, finding connections between experiences, people, things, ideas, etc, and making literally or figuratively something new from those insights. It allows us to reach the deeper level of “personal paradigm" - it is related to our functioning as a person - how we think about ourselves and the world, and how we respond to the emergent events, as well as how we improve cognitive intelligence.

The world we see is dependent on the lens of proximity, the openness of mind and the perception of eyes. Some perceive the world as black and white, others see the full spectrum of color. It further reflects into our inner world, to make discernment and shape our viewpoints. If life is a journey to pursue "better you," introspection builds the mental strength to become the updated version of you via the life journey with ups and downs which refines you or tarnishes you. What is needed right now is continuously flexing your mind, completely away from being set in a fixed way via healthy learning cycles and improving your professional maturity.

Introspection brings the ability to look within and see the true self in the mirror of the heart: Introspection is the ability to look in yourself and embrace all of you. Awareness is the light that makes this process smooth. It's only on the inner journey that you truly understand every mind of individuals are different, why do you do any of the things you do which lead to a greater understanding of yourselves because introspection itself is an individual activity and also a self-reflective activity.

Introspection enables you to empty yourself from what is known, entering the unknown, trusting the mystery that invites you into a self-discovery journey that encompasses body-mind-heart-soul. By walking through the introspection scenario, people are able not only to describe what s/he is able to do but also to reflect in a constructive manner how anything could be done in a different way to spark creativity.

Introspection is a sort of mind crafting activity which involves self-reflection and self-discovery. To be "authentic" and genuine first and foremost, ensure that your mind, voice, and actions are in synchronization by combined action, endurance, and with the right spirit. So great leaders encourage people to be conscious of their introspective, focus on who they are, and pursue purpose discovery, autonomy, and mastery.


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