Sunday, January 3, 2021

Innovator & Includers

Creativity can be developed if the conditions are right and there is inspiration, inclusiveness, encouragement, and abundance of knowledge.

Digital makes a significant impact on every aspect of the business from people, process to technology, both horizontally and vertically. Digital becomes the very fabric of high performing business, being outside-in and customer-centric is the new mantra for forward-looking and high mature digital organizations today. 

Digital Master refers to those high-performing, highly innovative and high-mature (less than 15%) digital organizations; they have both clear digital vision and well-crafted digital strategy; they are courageous to be in the vanguard of digital transformation with a quantum lead. Digital leaders must realize that you cannot wait until there is an immediate pressing task, continuous adaptability is necessary in an ever-changing world, in order to run a high mature digital organization.

 Innovator & Includers 

Innovation vs. Inclusiveness Creativity is innate with many special ingredients; creativity can be developed if the conditions are right and there is inspiration, inclusiveness, encouragement, and abundance of knowledge. Innovation is then the management discipline to transform those novel ideas and achieve their business value. Many think there is no innovation without inclusiveness. The most advanced societies are diverse mixtures of peoples that can spark creativity and amplify innovation. So, how to involve people with different talents in creative thinking and actions? And how can you help to improve the harvest of the creative seed and accelerate the advancement of the society?

Inclusiveness Contemporary CIOs have to wear different hats and play multiple roles in practicing situational leadership. Innovation is the light all forward-looking organizations are pursuing, but people are still the weakest link for transforming IT from a support center to an innovation hub of the business. Thus, in order to become the “Chief Innovation Officer,” CIOs need to become the “Chief Inclusiveness Officer” first, for cultivating the culture of creativity, spotting innovators, creating success stories, and unleashing the collective potential to get digital ready.

Includers In many traditional multinational organizations, there is often a diversity agenda with good intention to make equal opportunities. However, sometimes it leads to further divides. The prefix ‘div’ seems to have a negative connotation associated with the words such as division, divide, divergent. By focusing only on what makes people different or even using a certain set of “diversity” vocabulary, you actually gear their mind to think about differences first, and even build the walls in people’s minds to deepen the gaps. Inclusiveness is the "digital fit" mentality: the prefix ‘in’ has the positive connotation associated with the words such as information, intention, or intelligence. To lead more effectively, empathetically, and wisely, can you be an inclusive leader without talking about diversity? And then what should you talk about to build an inclusive culture and reach the next level of organizational maturity?

Inclusion & Innovation More and more forward-thinking global organizations have established a "diversity and inclusion" initiative. However, inclusiveness is a mindset and a habit, it can not be shaped overnight, either as a one-time project or a "check-in-box" compliance tool. More objectively, would you label such diversity initiatives a "delight" or just a “makeup”? And how to build a truly delightful digital workforce?

Innovare By etymology, "innovare" signifies "to germinate seeds," knowing that, go ahead and innovate by inventing your future, and the one of your company’s. Business success today depends on innovation. Business innovation depends on innovation leadership. Highly innovative leaders need to have a clear vision, effective communication and make a commitment to roll the imagination into reality. The success of innovation depends on visionary leadership, systematic management, as well as a creative culture having a strong connection with business objectives, skills, and knowledge. Everything begins with leadership. Here are three perspectives on being an innovative leader.

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