Monday, August 22, 2022


Business leaders and professionals need to navigate through complexity, uncertainty, the potential digital "disruptions,"of the business environment.

The forethoughtful organizations today are not just working via functional silos within the industry, but also permeating across industrial boundaries. They are like the switch connected to the dynamic ecosystem which keeps evolving and expanding.

 Business leaders today not just reactively look through and respond to the business ecosystem; they actually plan and architect the business landscape proactively. Innovative leaders themselves should like the bridge, standing at the top of hills to connect the industrial age and digital era; knowledge economy and creative economy. Determine what the future needs to look like and then, take a strategic approach to make the vision rolling into reality collaboratively..

Navigate innovation ecosystem landscape: Unlike the closed mechanic system, the organization today is a living thing with the ability to continually change as the business world evolves with an intersecting and interacting business ecosystem seamlessly. The digital landscape has many dimensions - technologically, ecologically, philosophically, and sociologically. You have to look into an unknown future and attempt to define the landscape with its opportunities and risks. Leadership is the adventure to explore growth opportunities, hidden risks, have confidence and insight to navigate the business landscape, keep their business growing, expanding, and evolving with its environment, to improve business agility, catalyze innovation, build business resilience, and unleash the full potential of the organization.

Navigate the business context smoothly: One of the most important things in terms of taking an organization with you on a long term change to the architecture & business itself is to see a company as a series of value flows and a holistic business system. Hyperconnectivity and interdependence are the business reality, cross-functional communication and collaboration improve business agility and effectiveness. The evolutionary architecture helps to navigate the business transformation journey step-wisely, clarify the direction of the company, bring up a long-term standpoint, and orchestrate the organizational interrelationship between people and process, interdependence of process and technology, etc. So organizations should recognize and empower their generalists who rise up and can interface effectively with varying specialists, have a clear vision, update rules, present prioritization and facilitation skills to enforce cross functional conversations and collaboration. 

Navigate alternative talent pools:
With abundant knowledge and unprecedented convenience brought by digital platforms and technologies, people can learn and grow, untap their talent, and build strong reputation consistently and continuously. With the increasing pace of changes, business needs to move so quickly that the talent needed tomorrow is very difficult to determine today. The point is how to explore untapped talent pools, fit the right talent to the right position at the right time. You need to utilize technology to gather the data from multiple sources & leverage advanced analytics in talent management; you need to look through the alternative talent pipeline, you need to source talented people across geographical locations to solve problems smoothly. Forward-looking leaders and managers are the corporate human architects to build up the business vision with their talent blocks; they are the human engineers to navigate the employees’ potentials, mentors or coaches to develop employees’ professional competency.

Business leaders and professionals need to navigate through complexity, uncertainty, the potential digital "disruptions,"of the business environment, capture the big picture, keep inner balances, connect unusual dots, develop change capability and capacity involve the entire organization in major change efforts that support key business strategies to achieve high performance results with consistency.


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