Thursday, August 25, 2022


Framework means a guideline containing approach, methodology & process, and the scope of the architects activities.

Organizations become over-complex and informative, frameworks add value as they are implementations of the patterns to avoid having to reinvent the wheel for every business initiative. It is defined as a set of principles and describes best practices of how things should be done from the process and documentation side. It is a configurable, reusable semi built application with features designed for specific purposes technically.

Investment framework: Business investment is usually costly, the effective investment frameworks add value as they help the management make objective investment portfolio assessment including techniques such as health check techniques, customer feedback, business partner relationship analysis, etc. It provides a holistic picture of what is working or not; a structure to justify critical business investments, develops the practices to deliver consistent results and achieve repeatability of the outcome, improves the management effectiveness on the basis of business benefit delivery, return on investment, etc.

Personalization framework: To engage employees and delight customers, the intention of personalization is to delight customers by presenting personalized solutions to make sure the company's products and services are extraordinarily relevant to the wants, needs or desires of customers, physically, spiritually or emotionally. A personalized architectural framework integrates the art and science of management discipline to hardness continuous conversations, deepen cross-divisional communication and collaboration. It’s about developing an “architecture of delight” to understand people, within the context of design challenges, to fit customers’ needs via personalization. It is an effective tool for enabling business transformation by describing how the organization will function when the current vision is implemented and in the various stepping stages on the way to improving people-centricity.

Integration framework
: Contemporary organizations are informative and interdependent, but often with silo setting and overly rigid hierarchy. To transform from an inside-out operational driven organization to an outside-in people-centric business, a holistic integration framework enables the business to build an effective application portfolio with a variety of business competency as well as measuring integral performance effectively. By integrating, change management becomes a more complex problem because multiple business lines are impacted. Those costs should be offset by benefits before attempting integration. Integration is key to ensure that the application ecosystem offers real value and is necessary for achieving future agility besides cost-effectiveness.

Framework means a guideline containing approach, methodology & process, and the scope of the architects activities. An architectural framework is a useful tool for a dynamic and iterative long term strategic planning processwa that fine tune the internal and external business influence factors, focus on reality, leverage effective methods and practices to untangle current business puzzles and improve business effectiveness, agility and people-centricity.


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