Tuesday, August 30, 2022


The substance of corporate board leadership is all about guidance, performance, and conformance.

In the face of “VUCA” reality with dynamic change and fierce competitions, the open digital paradigm is not just about opening your technology, processing your information; it's a new paradigm shift from process driven industrial economy to people-centric innovation era.

 Compared to traditional governance approaches which focus on compliance; effective governance today should understand performance and compliance are the two sides of the same coin. Insightful corporate boards initiate invaluable oversight of organizational competency, reputation, and accountability to ensure business running in the right direction with premium speed.

Competency oversight: Either individually or at the business level, competency emerges from a blend of collective corporate mindsets, capabilities, and disciplines to take certain activities for solving certain problems and achieving quality results. Capability-based strategy has a significantly high success rate. Corporate governance needs to be part of strategic planning because if it isn't, strategy planning and management becomes a synonym for wishful thinking. Corporate governance is where resources are allocated, talent and aligned to turning the strategy into a reality.

Business competency oversight is crucial to identify and strengthen the weakest link in strategy management, laser focus on the most critical perspectives to run a competitive business, and ensure business success in the long run. The corporate board’s oversight of business character, capacity, and competency is to ensure that all different hard and soft business success factors are aligned seamlessly to enable strategy implementation, performance improvement, talent development, business growth & differentiation.

Reputation oversight: GRC is moving more and more to be the hub and harbinger of values, innovation, and cultural things. As one of solid senior leadership pillars, the corporate board’s oversight of reputation management is to protect and nurture a strong brand, improve crisis and risk management effectiveness, harness corporate value, purposes, and brand coherence.

In order to identify the sources of reputational risk and address them, as well as manage them effectively, keeping close monitoring of reputation management for business transparency and analysis of potential long-term strategic cause-effect, sequences-consequences. Organizations should identify patterns for good governance, enhance a strong corporate brand, and develop a strong reputation for improving organizational maturity.

Accountability oversight:
Organizations inspire learning and encourage autonomy. People are accountable to what they say and what they do. It is important to run a high-performance business with collective accountability that involves shared ownership, empathetic communication, and continuous improvement. Corporate board’s oversight is important to develop a culture of accountability with characteristics such as engagement, motivation, respect, and credibility as these are vital aspects of top-performing enterprises in our modern economy.

The corporate board’s monitors business performance. Performance management system enforces accountability. Corporate accountability further improves organizational effectiveness, performance, and resilience. The measure of accountability implies resilience which is determined not by whether an individual, a team, or a holistic organization, makes a mistake or not, but on how quickly they can recover so that customers, staffs aren't negatively affected by the breakdown, improve business agility, and ensure the organization as a whole is superior to the sum of its parts.

Enterprise becomes more complex than ever, governance is a plausible way to understand enterprise complexity, risks, or compliance rules or laws; governance enforcement makes complex things less complex. As the governance discipline has in the past continually changed its shape and matured, it will continue to do so as the winds of change in the corporate world blow across the business ecosystem constantly. But the substance of corporate board leadership is all about guidance, performance, and conformance.


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