Monday, August 29, 2022


 Only through continuous improvement, breakthrough innovation, customized influence, human advancement can be sustained and the world can move forward with accelerated speed.

We are at the intersection of standardized industrial society and personalized digital society. Contemporary society has the right mix of information fluency, cultural empathy, and knowledge variety. 

Either in the organizational or societal scope, customization is the process of making products and services extraordinarily relevant to the wants, needs of customers, physically, spiritually or emotionally. It’s about gaining empathy to enforce design thinking and creativity to implement customized solutions for shaping people-centric communities or societies.

Customized solutions give people an impression on how it can tailor their needs to solve their specific problems with personal touch
: Either at the organizational, community or societal scope, what’s the customer’s impression of your brand? Do your business solutions make logical sense to customers, make them feel special? Do you only focus on technical-correct or do you always have a big picture to build strategic vision to delight your great customers and talented employees? Do you reward loyal customers or push them away? Etc.

The inquiry of human nature - thinking, attitude, behavior, necessitates an approach which is transdisciplinary and practical to great personalization for designing tailored solutions to delight customers with their personal needs and taste. Etc. Once you have this basic premise right, everything flows naturally, exceptional customer service and people delight will be the automatic result.

Leverage human science to unleash human potential: In many circumstances, individuals or organizations with potential haven't performed to the level of desired performance. Real societal progress is made through the work of progressive and foreseeable minds who can figure out how to predict the future and capture the great opportunities to unleash collective human potential. Human science is an inquisitiveness to know about our being. Are we entering the era of people-centricity by applying human science to using positivistic, scientific methods for studying human phenomena and building on a harmonized society via the lens of customization?

There's a convergence of hard and soft sciences of humans, such as nature science & philosophy, neurology & psychology, biology & sociology; technology & anthropology, etc. Philosophy = “why, what,” to discover truth; Science = logic of “what, at, & how.” When a new stage emerges in the progression of society and advancement of technology, the very goal of developing and studying human science is to solve human related problems, tap the unlimited human potential via customized learning, working. contributing.

Accelerate collective advancement:
Advancement is about forward-thinking, knowledge enrichment, continuous improvement, and ultra-modernization. The advancement can become more reachable when we appreciate each other’s strength, complement each other’s capability; understand each other via empathetic understanding, set principles to build common ground, and lift each other via mutual trust and empathetic communication & collaboration.

It’s important to enforce governance discipline, and optimize customized management approaches. With all that advancement being accelerated academically or practically, we are in fact, stepping into the era of personalization with cross-disciplinary understanding and collaboration. We need more creative talent who can think beyond their own domains, experiment with alternative ways to solve problems, pursue truth, reality, and wisdom, sharpen their unique talent, accumulate enriched experiences, and make transcendent changes.

Today’s information-abundant, internet-based world is much more hyper-connected and interdependent. An advanced society is more informative and people-centric. All generations need to realize they need to keep refreshing their mindset, learn from each other. Human society is an organization that belongs to us and the way to change it is to modify our individual, group, and collective practices. Only through continuous improvement, breakthrough innovation, customized influence, human advancement can be sustained and the world can move forward with accelerated speed.


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