Saturday, July 10, 2021


Embark upon the road of total inclusion as that appears to be the only way to move forward and realize long term prosperity of human society.

Inclusiveness is the quality that maximizes and leverages the diverse talents, backgrounds, and perspectives of all employees. 

Even the wisest person has the corner of the fool, it takes inclusiveness to have collective insight. Being inclusive is both the mindset and attitude.

Appreciate the wealth of human abilities and explore the variety of differences: Inclusive mindset embraces the full spectrum of diversity, facilitates and orchestrates a variety of differences such as cognitive differences, value differences, knowledge differences, cultural differences, etc, clarify the opportunity and articulate the vision.

Includers always look for complementary capabilities and skills, confront new ideas, and possibly embrace a fresh concept that you may have never imagined, build a winning team and complement each other. Be alert, diversity can create a lot of confusion and conflict if people cannot communicate effectively and are not well prepared for it or if the leaders are unaware of how to embrace inclusion and manage diversity seamlessly.

Spark creativity and enforce collective wisdom: If diversity allows us to appreciate difference; inclusiveness enhances harmony. There is always an argument between “WE” and “THEM.” We create conflicts between our group and other groups that have their own senses of reality that conflict with ours. The disagreements and antagonisms arise between groups. It’s the inclusiveness mindset that enables us to understand each other with empathy, lubricate our differences and harmonize the environment by making reasonable judgements and seeing the beauty of interconnectivity.

Inclusiveness spurs creativity; with many minds brainstorming together, lightening up, we can observe a creative result that is beyond the capacity of any one individual. The most advanced societies are diverse mixtures of peoples that can spark creativity and amplify innovation. In fact, there is no innovation without inclusiveness.

Overcome common challenges and accelerate growth collaboratively: Inclusiveness is all about thinking, learning, communicating, deciding, and working harmoniously by appreciating our differences and achieving common goals. There are a variety of differences and there is a diversity of diversity. Learn how to shape an objective view without cognitive distortion or unconscious biases.

Having an inclusive culture always helps us learn from diverse people, and engages people to achieve the “art of possible.” The focus of inclusiveness needs to harness cognitive differences, skills, abilities and the wealth of ideas since the value lies in the contributions of the individual to team to organization to our society.

The most advanced mindsets would like to know how to tap diverse resources, be inclusive and recognize merit and ideas, no matter where they come from; to embark upon the road of total inclusion as that appears to be the only way to move forward and realize long term prosperity of human society.


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