Thursday, July 29, 2021

Respect (II)

There is a blend of multiple elements to get respected, some are hard competencies; some are soft human touch.

Respect is based on being trustworthy and authentic. The liking has to be qualified and be able to garner respect. Whether getting respected or not depends on how you follow principles, make fair judgment, or make certain accomplishments. 

There are quite a few ways to get respected and there are many reasons we need to respect each other to improve professionalism.


People admire or respect those who can see further: There is a blend of multiple elements to get respected. Your mindset, actions and how the results you produce impact others, organizations, and societies for the long run. Visionaries gain respect because they are effective in manifesting their vision; it takes courage to convey a clear message about the future, embodies vitality, will, imagination, hope and sense of energy, initiates actions and enlists the participation of others to shape the future together.

Sound judgment and decision maturity gain respect: Judgment and decision making are often considered together. When a leader or a professional consistently makes sound judgments or the right decisions, and is perceived to be fair over the longer term, she or he earns the respect. We all have bias and limitations in our thought processes; understanding the filters that influence one’s unconscious biases is critical to the choice we make. To gain respect from the variety of people, we need to increase cognitive agility and cultivate empathy by exploring alternative viewpoints and cross-disciplinary interpretations to win the heart and connect the mind.

Respect is also based on being trustworthy, authentic, and accountable: People admire/respect those who have courage to do things the majority of people can't, either break the ceilings or overcome the bias, etc. People admire/respect those who take more responsibilities, and solve the large scale problems which make a significant impact. People respect those who have high work ethic and professionalism, strong credibility, & discipline, unique competency & talent, to get work done resourcefully. If you want to gain respect, mutual trust is important; respect for others' ideas, respect for truth, respect for process, respect for knowledge.

Modern society is sophisticated, gaining respect is a tough journey, besides position power, you needs to have knowledge power and influence power; you need to be both tough and nice; influential and adaptable; serious and humorous, creative and critical, empathetic and insightful, wise and likeable; listening and telling; questioning and coaching, etc. There is a blend of multiple elements to get respected, some are hard competencies; some are soft human touch.


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