Wednesday, July 28, 2021


Through autonomy, people can relate to themselves and to their experience of the environment and others around them.

Consider nature and culture as self-organized but interlaced environments, and humans are vehicles of natural and cultural solutions. The contemporary perspective of individualism is to enforce autonomy and advocate self-development.

High level of autonomy is the symbol of maturity at individual, team, or organizational level: Let individuals take ownership, responsibility and keep focused to unleash their potential, Knowing who we are and how we react and respond to different situations can help us understand and improve the cognitive, relational and assertive actions we take on a day to day basis. Collectively, autonomy can be achieved via system automation, team self-management, and interdisciplinary digital practices. The high degree of self-management capability reflects the team's maturity to be disciplined to do the work well in a dynamic and hyper-diverse environment.

Autonomy enhances creativity: For some goals, chaos and varying opinions are a good thing, because new ideas are more likely to come out of chaos and a diversity of people with autonomy. Autonomy enables us to identify our talent, build our strengths and spend more time on creative activities to keep energy flow from our outer realities attempting to change the steady state of our inner self for generating novel ideas. So a creative mind can follow the heart and ponder the creation of the fresh insight which feeds into the consciousness and keeps our creative energy flowing continuously.

Autonomy and alignment are not rivals but two faces of the same coin: Where there is alignment, then autonomous action ought to be possible while still aligning with clear vision. People are able to adapt themselves and their organization through a collaborative and peer to peer approach. They have full authority on the practices, processes, tools, engineering methods they would like to use to build the products and deliver services/solutions continually. It’s about focusing on creating the right organizational culture, where people can take ownership of their processes and believe better-than-expected results.

Through autonomy, people can relate to themselves and to their experience of the environment and others around them, inspire self-management, unleash collective potentials, and enable true meritocracy.


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