Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Business Texture Design

A digital organization is an organic system; the structural and aesthetic themes create business textures with inter-relationships between business elements and interdependence between success factors. 

The organizational design issue is about how to understand business texture and build the best mixture of organizational elements that enable the organizational interdependence and harness changeability through less hierarchy, frictionless processes, designed to a hyperconnected business dynamic. 

Business management seeks to aid the multidimensional improvement of an organization by assisting in reconciling the varying dimensions which can be changed, as well as the relationships between the various elements, etc, to create a unique business texture

Business texture reflects the sort of dynamic balance: The “organizational design problem” would be to build the “best” mix of organizational elements that enable the organizational hyperconnectivity and interdependence. What works and what doesn´t, depends on the nature of the organizational interdependence that needs to be enabled. Organizations today need to constantly improve the business and seeing change as an opportunity while keeping a holistic overview of the business are the core messages of the text. To craft the business texture with sorts of dynamic balance patterns, the organization should keep tuning its underlying functions and processes, to become more adaptable and innovative, take advantage of the latest digital technology platforms & tools, keep information flow frictionlessly, and provide the space for people to exercise their talent and unleash their potential fearlessly.

Business texture is simulated via strategic alignment: Alignment is a continuous process that demands continuous attention, deliberately close alignment among the company’s strategic direction. Strategic alignment is about translating strategy into operational activities and aligning the organization to create business synergy. It occurs on multiple levels from process configuration to resource allocation, it presupposes the ability of each 'link' to articulate their 'strategic intent.' The management needs to verify: Are processes functioning to deliver results consistent with the strategic intent? Are people acting in a way that is consistent with the strategy? Are processes and people integrated to ensure a consistent ability to deliver customer value as defined in the strategy? Organizational design is an ultimate expression of the business strategy, and strategic alignment occurs on multiple levels. It presupposes the ability of each link to articulate their strategic intent. Those organizations that have a high mature strategic alignment via integration, collaboration, harmony, etc, demonstrate special business texture, outperform their competitors and tend to be more responsive to the business dynamic.

Business texture is reinvented via structural flexibility: Ideally, in contemporary organizations, the two structures - hierarchy and relationship structure wrap around each other to ensure high responsiveness and accountability. New generations of digital technologies such as social platforms or other collaboration tools are enabling not only the structured processes of the past but also the unstructured processes of the digital enterprise. It is important to balance both formal and informal organizational structures to improve the business adaptability and innovativeness. An organization with fine-tuned lightweight business processes and structural flexibility allows information and idea flow to get nurtured and turn into business value and create business synergy, reinventing their business texture for making smooth paradigm shifts.

A digital organization is an organic system; the structural and aesthetic themes create business textures with inter-relationships between business elements and interdependence between success factorsHigh mature digital organizations should integrate the organizational design into the business process design and organizational re-engineering, to improve organizational fluidity, adaptability, and maturity.


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