Thursday, July 29, 2021

Perspectives of Global Leadership

The substance of leadership is about innovation and unleashing our collective human potential.

Contemporary leadership is sophisticated because there are many variables in it, and there is a delicate mix of expertise, interpersonal skills, along with a lot of different attributes. In brief, leadership is about making change and catalyzing innovation. 

We live in a hyperconnected and interdependent global society, what are emergent traits to bridge the global leadership gap and how to shape the new breed of world class leaders and managers to harmonize humanity?

As a global leader, you should cultivate a global mindset and versatile talent, look around to find out how to bring leaders closer to integrity and authenticity: Leadership is about the future for unlocking the collective human potential. If developing leadership is like growing a tree, then the root is the mindset. Highly effective global leaders are independent thinkers who can broaden their viewpoints based on enriched global content; and deepening their understanding with global contextualism. They present system thinking to understand the interconnected relationship between the parts and the whole; critical thinking skills to break down conventional wisdom or outdated traditions; creativity to explore new possibilities; and integrated thinking to manage opportunity and risks structurally.

The true global leadership roles usually require high level skills such as judgment, temperament, understanding global intellectual/social capital, managing diverse interests etc. The world-class leadership competencies also include such as self-regulation, empathy, inclusiveness, motivation to work in a global environment, versatility to attract global talent in creative activities, etc. The goal is to reinvent a highly collaborative and innovative global community.

As a global leader, you need to have a thorough understanding of the various perspectives and shape into world class insight: We live in a global society with enriched knowledge and diversity of talent; the variety of perspectives opens our mind, and harnesses the values that each of us can bring to the table. As a global leader, understanding the values of your audience will facilitate your ability to develop empathy, cohesion, and strategic alliance across boundaries, abstracting various perspectives into world class insight based on an updated global view.

Great global leaders are effective problem-solvers who can deal with complex problems or issues in such a way that a solution emerges through a collaboratively interdisciplinary approach involving multifaceted global capital. We are so different, but generally speaking, all human beings are more similar than different. It is possible to set the common principles to bridge the difference, and to enhance a diversifying (ideas)-clarifying (concepts) -unifying (beliefs) cycle for shaping world class insight. Well-blended insight and foresight can drive competitive value and global growth.

As a global leader, you need to be an effective influencer, an inspiring mentor, and a passionate coach worldwidely:
In order to develop leaders who can effectively lead global dynamics, it is important to understand what makes leaders effective with a global context, Generally speaking, an effective global leader must be and strategic visionary to lead global progress, an influential communicators to facilitate world-wide dialogues, a passionate coach to cultivate more authentic global leaders. Focus on, convincing, persuasion, and collaboration at the global scope; knowing how to collaborate with stakeholders of all stripes, be able to facilitate and orchestrate the multitude of differences, values, cultures and gain a profound understanding of the global business ecosystem.

Leadership is a journey. A leader without character is a lack of authenticity; a leader without integrity is lack of credibility; a leader without a global mindset is lack of potential to make global influence. You must communicate, communicate and then communicate, to understand that not all of the associates will move through the change curve at the same speed. Leadership development is shifting toward grooming leadership skills embodying effective communication in networks of global conversations that inspire creativity in diverse domains of expertise.

The substance of leadership is about innovation and unleashing our collective human potential. There are many ingredients in leadership formulas, and there are all sorts of leadership flavors: local vs. global; thinking vs. acting, operational vs. strategic; rule setting vs. rule breaking, etc. It’s the great leadership capacity to embrace “inclusiveness” as the globe theme to drive collective progress at the grand level and make transcendental influence on the evolution of human species.


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