Sunday, July 25, 2021

Human Science

Will it be the beginning of the end, or the end of the new beginning of diversity of economy, variety of complexity, immersive personalization, or multicultural cognition?  Perhaps all scientific domains have human ingredients in it; they all fit in the human science category, but need bits of refreshment,,,,

In the long history of societal change, people are the cause and effect of evolution. As humans, we are the same and different; it’s sophisticated to ask seemingly na├»ve question: Who are we, really? It is considered that the natural world is a living network in which everything is stored, that we would need to think profoundly about our progress as a human race, as well as how to decode humanity and decomplex the world we share with diversification. 

Statistically there are roughly seven thousand languages in the world and there are about four thousand religions around the globe, the challenge is to contemplate, not to conclude; to explore, not to control; to unify, and  not to divide, etc. Let natural beauty integrate with human sophistication to shape a future brighter as if our consciousness at every stage of evolution, is synchronized with the spirit of nature. Use science as a discipline, or cross-discipline with “HUMAN” as a core ingredient to explore our origins and destination systematically.

Human science is an inquisitiveness to know about our being: From one generation to the next generation, people make changes deliberately or abruptly; many times they are in the survival mode subconsciously; but sometimes they can reach the conscious or even superconscious mode to drive transformative changes proactively. The scientific inquiries enable us to go beyond basic mathematical induction-deduction scenarios, digging into the cross-boundary disciplines about our beings, physiologically, sociologically, or philosophically.  In fact, we have a need to now transcend the paradigm of modern scientific inquiry which necessarily includes the metaphysical questions regarding being and existence. Because now, it’s the perfect time to appreciate our uniqueness and experience our commonalities by learning abundant knowledge, connecting wider dots, taking multi-path logic and inspiring mass collaboration.

We are encouraged to look for an experience of truth, the unfolding of wisdom by those who have gone beyond thinking. We need more people pursuing truth, reality, and wisdom by applying both “hard” and “soft” sciences, with human as reason, culture as hidden clue; history as condensed record; information & technology as media; philosophy as abstract insight, etc. The best we can individually do is to start breaking chains of habitual thinking, perceiving, willing, and feeling, to doubt conventional wisdom, and let new possibilities emerge. The great effort we could put collectively is to build a solid platform, create the theme of inclusiveness; listen and tell, mix & match, work in, on, and cross the different systems we generated to know about our beings, develop, elevate and transcend ourselves to the next level of growth, balance and harmonization.

Human science, as a response to the use of positivistic, scientific methods for studying human phenomena: The very goal of developing and studying human science is to solve human related problems large or small. Science = logic of “what, at, & how.” It has embraced more holistic approaches, studying social phenomena through qualitative means to create meaning. Historically, the human imagination has proved itself appropriate for the task of providing sustainable scientific and engineering solutions to what we use, for what purpose, and how we go about obtaining what we require. However, there are many times, people get confused with means and ends; they complicate things which cause chaos or lead to backward move. We are living in an economic system that was created a few centuries ago, and many have a silo mentality shaped in the industrial age decades ago. Shall we enter the era of inquisitiveness or enlightenment in which we can think-learn-do to create our own momentum and lead to people-centricity? Human science via its multidimensional angles provides a foundation to study human phenomena and improve the overall qualification and maturity of our beings.

For every need, provisions are there, for every problem, solutions are there, for every scientific development, resources are there, but to be discovered. The hard touch of human science focuses on discovering and developing human intelligence by taking an integral approach with architectures, processes, structures, practices setting. The soft touch of human science inspires out-of-the-box thinking and paraconsistent inductive and deductive reasoning. Hard technologies create a soft touch for shaping a culture of learning, change, and innovation. So, collectively, we can discover the root, causes, and effect of our beings and overcome common challenges smoothly.

Human science gives cross-disciplinary perspectives on complexity of human cognition or behaviors: It just turns out that, as human society gets more and more complex, the very natural attempt of humans to take the technical aspect of science is not sufficient to run a hyperconnected and interdependent world. Either “STEM” or “STEAM,” science is both expanded and needs to become more focused - to unify the natural world and human society seamlessly. Are we becoming more right or more wrong? More practical or idealistic? More divided or more unified? Psychology, biology, anthropology, sociology have not answered all our questions, today perhaps we see more of a sharing between disciplines of neuroscience, physics, psychology, ecology, and natural science in trying to answer these questions. Perhaps all scientific domains have human ingredients in it; they all fit in the human science category, but need bits of refreshment,,,,

The scientific inquiry of human nature - thinking, attitude, behavior, necessitates an approach which is transdisciplinary, theoretical and practical to argue culture as thought hint or learning residue. Anthropology gives a perspective on every aspect of human life and elucidates the cultural traits, complexes, and motives of specific human behavioral aspects. Sociology is the study of human interaction, usually within the context of organized groups, communities, or "societies." The human science perspective of our beings has an interdisciplinary understanding and in-depth knowledge about our society, gaining true cultural empathy, unlocking our limitless potential effortlessly.

Will it be the beginning of the end, or the end of the new beginning of diversity of economy, variety of complexity, immersive personalization, or multicultural cognition? Reality is a choice; imagination encircles the world. We can choose what reality we prescribe to step into the future navigated through human science confidently ….


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