Sunday, July 11, 2021


Influence is like water, softening the hardest; influence is the oxygen, we inhale, exhale, to renew our energy.

Today we are inextricably linked, in real time and in ways far more imminent than most realize. "IN"fluence is about touching both mind and heart via inspiration and insight. 

Highly influential leaders or professionals need to genuinely look within their own hearts and minds, inspire, innovate, improve, interact, interpret, exemplify, encourage, learn about the barriers, and be able to overcome them to make a leap.

To influence is to produce an effect on someone by imperceptible or intangible means; to shape other people's views or opinions towards one's own views or perspectives. To influence is to overcome our own psychological vulnerability, share our thoughts and exemplify our attitude and behavior. We make choices on a daily basis, understanding the filters that influence one’s unconscious biases is critical to make a positive influence upon others. We keep learning, express our opinions, and making choices, through which we shape who we are, and let authenticity shine to influence others as well as our surroundings.

To influence is to genuinely look, gently touch and gradually permeate, keep our aura flowing, make deep observation, build intellectual empathy, touch heart and shape the mind. A human organic system composed of uniquely diverse people who have much to offer to grow and develop, and build the power of influence. Increasingly, we find ourselves enmeshed in the larger system, and ever-expanding "ecosystems," whether we like it or not.

For the most part, while we can influence and get influenced by these "ecosystems," which can be perceived through the lenses of sociology, psychology, anthropology, technology, economics, organizational and communication sciences, etc. These dimensions interact and mutually influence each other. We have limited "control" over these ecosystems...Still, we should see value in being mindful of, in being influential, in being part of these systems in their evolutionary journey….

To influence is to instill passion, recharge energy, and reimagine the future courageously. Leadership is an influence, influence comes from wisdom, wisdom is based on knowledge, but more than knowledge, it’s based on authenticity, strength, and courage, it is a cohesive flow and consistent reputation. The footprints we leave behind will influence others, create our brand, and amplify our influence. It reflects our vision, character, personality, expertise, and uniqueness….

There are many ways to influence and there are all different types of influencers. Influence is like water, softening the hardest; influence is the oxygen, we inhale, exhale, to renew our energy; influence is the brainpower, the more we practice it, the more powerful it becomes to overcome brute force and drive progressive changes.


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